Q4 2017 Edition, MARBLE+

Discover unique Design as you’ve never seen it. Touch and feel your products in 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality: a Unique Experience into a world of luxury

发现和了解独特的设计和精湛工艺,用3D,增加和虚拟现实的科技来触摸和感受产品, 让您体验奢华世界的独特感受。

ISP Lamp

This is not just a lamp. It is light itself. Look at the future: it’s there in your hand.100 years after Malevitch – himself a former industrial designer for the railways – for DCW Editions, Ilia Sergeevich Potemine has invented a new avantgarde: the constructivISP. The ultimate in design purity. The last modern adventure has just begun.

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A special and limited edition by Affluency, ISP Lamp with green marble base is exclusive for our valued customers in Asia. 


Lyra is a torchbearer, a flaming metaphor, an anthem to the material. A marble piece cut in the mass which reveals a varying figure, sometimes oblong, massive, rounded, full or hollowed. The scented capsule nests in the heart of it, just as puzzle pieces would come together. Lyra is a setting as well as an altar of repose where the scented capsule exposes itself like a tightrope walker… Or hides, only revealing its fragrance. A piece for the senses. All the senses.

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MARIE Table Lamp

Marie table lamp designed by Toni Grilo stands for its simple, sensuous curves that sublimate the quality and elegance of the noble material. A beautiful timeless object meant to be a classic of design and a signature of Haymann Collection.

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TORCH Floor Lamp

Torch is not a floor lamp like the others. Not a fragile, unsteady structure going wherever the wind leads. Designed by Dan Yeffet for Collection Particulière, Torch is rather one of those who impress by their silent calibre, their brutalist poetry. 

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Designer Toni Grilo has delivered a stunning carved monolith for Haymann Editions named after the ancient Greek word. Crafting the piece from a massive slab of marble (either Black Aziza, White Carrara or Black Kenia), the large-volume coffee table although built from what appears to be a heavy single block of stone, is actually conceived as a lightweight construction. 

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A white Italian marble with distinctively gorgeous grey veins, Carrara marble is a high-grade natural stone material that has enthralled generations as an element of luxury and refinement.

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Floor Lamps


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