Israeli born, Paris based designer Dan Yeffet uses design to explore possibilities of materials and volumes by overturning their traditional use while playing with shapes, their histories and crafting techniques.


“These are the reasons for my deep love to design, the ability to keep on a journey of an endless quest

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Born in 1971 in Jerusalem, Israel, Dan Yeffet studied Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy: School of Art and Design in Jerusalem (1999-2001). From an industrial and practical approach to design learned in Israel, he shifted towards a more aesthetic one when he moved to the Netherlands.


As a graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy with a BA in industrial/product he leveraged his professional studies embracing a more conceptual approach towards design, closer to the idea rather then the purpose. This shift will shape his future signature style. After his graduation, he set up his studio in Amsterdam where he worked as a freelance for several Dutch design firms. After moving his studio to Paris in 2005, he is now based in the famous Viaduc des Arts, a creative neighborhood, and home for selected artisanal workshops representing the best contemporary Parisian craft.




“The amazing thing about design is that everything is possible – dreams can be translated, abstracted and carried out; raw material gets personality, movement and a new life” says Dan Yeffet.


His signature style is based on simplicity, emotion, and intuition. A design inspired by human interaction and the emotional tension between users and objects. Influenced by his dual culture and his hybrid approach, his design has a strong familiar feeling while always evoking a Parisian allure. Yeffet design looks back at the origin of the material, questioning and reinventing the possibilities behind each craft. Drawn by the love of experimenting and overcoming his own limits, most of Dan Yeffet inspiration comes from the material itself and the equilibrium of opposite elements.


Like the Volcans lights, made of volcanic stones and hand-blown glass in collaboration with Okurayama Studio in Japan: this astonishing design offers an homage to the origin and the evolution of the humankind – from stone to glass – resulting in a pure and stylish limited edition.

Image courtesy of oOumm, Orion by Dan Yeffet


Yeffet‘s work stretches from space to objects – and everything in between – and in various methods, from classic craft work to cutting-edge technologies. He works with innovative production techniques in perfecting the way materials have been traditionally used and assembled. His work can be described as innovative, simple and yet with a strong identity. Objects, furniture and lighting by Dan Yeffet are conceptual yet functional, chic and sculptural, with the ability to evoke natural landscapes through the porosity of the materials. Yeffet gives presence and charm to daily objects, making his design a contemplative experience.


“Much more than a conspicuous print that would brand the pieces I’ve conceived, there are aesthetic values that are constantly present in my creative process: my work will always tend toward streamlining and simplicity in order to reach the most intemporal result available.”



The works of Dan Yeffet can be found in various Museums and Galleries around the world such as the New Design Museum in Chicago, the Museum of Art’s “Visual Delight” in Philadelphia; the Maritime Museum in New London-US, the Modam Museum in Luxembourg, FNAC Foundation in Paris,the V&A in London and the Design Museum in Holon Israel. He was also awarded with several international prizes such as the 2014 Fonds National d’Art Contemporain first prize, the 2010 ELLE Décor International Award, the 2012 ELLE Decor international Design Award, and the as Designer Of The Year under the Grand Czech Design Award 2012. 


When asked to define his work, Yeffet answers: “Definitions are our limits; I would like to consider myself as an explorer and adventurer”.



色列出生的巴黎设计师Dan Yeffet利用设计来探索材料和体积的可能性,彻底颠覆了传统的形状和工艺。



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出生于1971年以色列的耶路撒冷 Dan Yeffet 毕业于Bezalel Academy工业设计系 (1999-2001)。搬到荷兰后,Dan Yeffet 利用在以色列学习到的工业和实用设计,转向于更具美感的设计方向。作为拥有 Gerrit Rietveld Academy 学院工业/产品设计学士学位的他,利用自己的专业研究采用更概念化的设计方法,使他的设计更接近于理念,而不是目的。
这种转变将影响他未来的设计风格。毕业后他在阿姆斯特丹建立了自己的工作室,作为自由设计师为几家荷兰设计公司工作。2005年,他将工作室搬到巴黎,现住在著名的Viaduc des Arts,一个富有创意的社区,也是巴黎最佳手工艺工作室的集聚地。



Dan Yeffet 谈到创作 “设计的神奇之处在于一切都是可能的 – 梦想可以成为现实,抽象的成为具体,以及给予原材料独特的个性,转变和新的生命”。


他的设计风格是建立在简单、情感和直觉的基础上。设计灵感来自人与人之间的互动,以及用户和物体之间的关系。 在他双重文化的影响下,他的设计有着强烈的回归感,同时散发着巴黎的魅力。Dan Yeffet 的灵感来自于实验和克服材料的局限性以及材料本身与对立元素的平衡。他的设计回顾着材料的起源,质疑并重新探索每一种工艺背后的可能性。他与日本Okurayama工作室合作的火山石玻璃灯的设计令人惊叹,是对人类的起源和进化的致敬 – 从石头到玻璃最终形成纯粹而时尚的限量设计作品系列。

Image courtesy of oOumm, Orion by Dan Yeffet

从经典工艺到前沿技术,Yeffet运用最新技术来完善材料的传统使用和组装方式,从太空延伸至物体的设计, 以及介于两者之间的各种元素和方法。他的作品被描述为创新,简单但又具有强烈的个性。Dan Yeffet设计的产品、家具和灯光在具有强烈概念性的同时又有实用性,别致优雅和雕塑般的设计唤起人们对自然的感叹。他的设计除了为日常用品提供存在和魅力以外,也使它成为一种沉思的体验。





Dan Yeffet的作品被世界各地的博物馆和美术馆收藏,如芝加哥的新设计博物馆,费城艺术博物馆的”Visual Delight”,New London-US的海事博物馆,卢森堡的Modam博物馆,巴黎的FNAC基金会,伦敦的V&A博物馆和以色列的Holon设计博物馆等。他还获得了多个国际奖项如2014年的Fonds National d’Art Contemporain一等奖, 2010年Décor International奖, 2012年ELLE Décor International 设计大奖和捷克的Grand Czech Design Award 2012设计师大奖。


当Yeffet 被问到他作品的定义时,Yeffet回答道:“定义给我们带来局限性,而我偏像于把自己当作一个探索和冒险家”

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Image courtesy of Okurayama Studio, Aston by Dan Yeffet

Image courtesy of Collection Particulière, Torch lamp by Dan Yeffet

Image courtesy of Collection Particulière

Image courtesy of oOumm, Orion by Dan Yeffet

Image courtesy of Haymann Editions, Waves stools by Dan yeffet


Images courtesy of Dan Yeffet, Haymann Editions, Okurayama Studio and oOum Paris @ All rights reserved