As one of the most influential name in the design industry, Rossana Orlandi is the person you will turn to when looking for edgy and unique design craft. Her long-standing success in the business is the story of woman with persevering passion, vision for talent, and a catching personality. Her enthusiasm in promoting designers sets a reference for everyone dealing with high craft, lifestyle and high-end decorations. An outstanding ability to connect with designers and buyers, brought her the reputation of the Queen Bee of design, reigning over a buzzing hive located in the Magenta District in Milan, Italy.

Article by Stefania Anna Mangano

Her “home” as she likes to call it, mirrors her charm. A space that is more than just a showroom and a retail shop. A gallery with outlandish interiors, where art and design debut as protagonists of an amusing conversation. It is a lively, cosy sanctuary of modern and contemporary design, a home for nurturing and exhibit young artists, a living room of connections and opportunities for local and international talents.


Galleria Rossana Orlandi is one of those places that is hard to imitate, flooded with the owner’s personality, her taste and vision. It is a conductive environment, with a compelling atmosphere that fireworks during the Milano Design Week, the word furniture fair held every April in Milan and regular of the FuoriSalone map.

galleria rossana orlandi

Framed in her iconic big white goggles, her eyes have witnessed generations of young designers showcasing in her space and becoming established international firms. Her tireless search for creativity is the result of her ability to foster a family feeling around design, where everyone who joins in is part of Rossana Orlandi’s community. As it can be red on her website/e-shop:


“Galleria Rossana Orlandi started its activity focusing on the rising Dutch design wave with designers such Piet Hein Eek, Maarten Baas and Nacho Carbonell. 
The research has moved widely around the world creating a catalogue which reflects the most innovative scenes from Europe to Asia to America”


“We anticipate fashions, very often we’re ahead of the times, which only catch up one or two years later. As happened with the creations of the two designers of Studio Formafantasma, Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin” as she describes herself in a recent interview. Others like the designer Tom Dixon portraits Orlandi as having “a very keen eye, a nose for originality and a powerful talent for persuasion. She is a unique force”



Rossana Orlandi passion for design begins inside her modest household, in the foggy town of Cassano Magnago, a small village in Northern Italy. Located at the crossroad of the so called “industrial triangle” encompassing the most productive cities in Italy, Orlandi family-business was specialised in upholstery fibre content, dealing with brands like B&B Italia and Cassina. Growing up in a hard-working, detailed oriented environment, Rossana’s eye for high manufacturing and refine craftwork started to flourish. She was already at her ease in marketing design products and networking with influential Italian designers and manufactures:

“I remember one summer Piero Busnelli [founder of B&B Italia] rented a big boat, and he invited all these designers, architects, furniture makers and some of his customers on to it – and we were included. I have always dealt with the design factories and always felt comfortable among them” says Rossana Orlandi. 


Looking to find her own on path in the industry, an ambitious young Rossana, moved to Milan to pursue her dream of working in the fashion and enrolled herself in the Istituto Marangoni, where she studied textiles. Through the studies of fabrics, she started developing her own view on materials. Blending her interests in art and design she then became a spin yarn consultant for labels such Giorgio Armani and Donna Karan. Her 20 years career in fashion, naturally developed in the opening of her Gallery in 2002. With now 15 years of reputation as a prism for spreading design globally, a spin-off of the Milanese space has been opened in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, the summery meeting point for her high-end clientele.

galleria rossana orlandi

Orlandi’s tireless work in nurturing and blossoming designers’ career recalls the approach of another woman with a messianic zeal for creativity, Ms Diana Vreeland, the revolutionary 1960’s Vogue magazine editor-in-chief, known also for being the transformative figure behind the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Like Ms Orlandi, Ms Vreeland was known for her ability to scout trends and fashion icons before everyone else.
As one of the first female business leader and influencer to thrive in the lifestyle industry, her footprints remains in all the talents she was able to support. “All these people invented themselves. I was there to help them along!” has she used to proudly claim. Both Orlandi and Vreeland names embody the revolution of a century, a change of perspective in looking at women in design and fashion as just “society ladies” offering advice on how to decorate a pleasant home, to influent decision makers with taste, vision and knowledge.


Each one in her own style state that fashion,design, art, and society are all woven together. And if Ms Vreeland could always be spotted where the action was, Ms Orlandi makes action come directly to her space in Milan. Throughout the year and especially during the Salone, Ms Orlandi welcomes her guests with an Amphitryon manner, hosting dinners and presentations in the lush courtyard of her Gallery, a former tie factory. The space which still bleeds the old charm of the industrial structure, also feature a restaurant designed by the architect Paola Navone and it continues Rossana’s adventure into the archetype of taste and experimentation, between home and research.

为设计行业最有影响力的女性之一,Rossana Orlandi是任何寻找前卫和独特的设计不可回避的人。坚韧不拔的激情,对才能独特的眼光以及她吸引人的个性,是她在商界长期成功的原因。她推广设计师的热情成为每一个经营高端工艺、生活方式和豪华装饰的典范。她与设计师和买家的亲密关系,使她成为了统治意大利米兰Magenta 地区的设计皇后。

Article by Stefania Anna Mangano / Translation by Amber Durrant Feng Yulin

的“家”不仅仅是陈列和零售空间,就像她常常说的那样,反映了她独特的魅力。 她特有的画廊是艺术和设计首次结合成为了谈话的主题。也是一个充满活力、舒适和现代设计的避难所,同时她发掘优秀新锐设计师的功力更是无 可比拟,为当地和国际培养和展示年轻艺术家的才华提供机会和空间。


Galleria Rossana Orlandi的个性,品味和她的独特的眼光。是独一无二,无人可以模仿的。在米兰设计周(Milano Design Week)期间,她散发着引人注目和令人信服的氛围。每年4月在米兰举行的“家具博览会”furniture fair,是FuoriSalone的常客。

galleria rossana orlandi



“Galleria Rossana Orlandi的成功始于她对于荷兰设计浪潮与设计师的专注,如Piet Hein Eek,Maarten Baas和Nacho Carbonell。


“时尚使我们常常走在时代的前面,一般只在一两年后才会流行起来。”就像在最近的一次采访中,她描述自己的两名设计师——Formafantasma、Andrea Trimarchi和Simone Farresin 的作品一样。设计师Tom Dixon 形容Orlandi拥有“非常敏锐的眼光、独具匠心的嗅觉和强大的说服才能”。慧眼独具的她发掘优秀新锐设计师的功力更是无 可比拟。”



Rossana Orlandi对设计的热情始于她意大利北部Cassano Magnago 的一个小村庄简朴的家庭。Orlandi家族生意位于意大利最有生产力的“工业三角”,专门经营室内装饰纤维,长期与B&B Italia和Cassina等品牌打交道。在一个工作勤奋、注重细节的环境中成长,Rossana的高端制造和精制工艺的才华开始蓬勃发展。她在营销设计产品方面已经轻松的与有影响力的意大利设计师和制造商建立了联系::

雄心勃勃年轻的Rossana为了找到自己的道路,搬到米兰去追求她的梦想,在那里学习纺织。通过对面料的研究,她开始发展自己对材料的看法。融合了她在艺术和设计上的兴趣,她成为了Giorgio Armani和Donna Karan等品牌的纺纱顾问。她20年的时尚生涯自然促成了2002年她画廊的开幕。在全球范围内传播设计 15年之后在,鼎鼎大名的设计师伯乐米兰画廊已经在Sardinia的Porto Cervo开设,这是她于客户夏日的聚会点。

galleria rossana orlandi




个人都有自己的风格,即时尚、设计、艺术和社会交织在一起。如果Vreeland 总是能看到行动的所在,Orlandi 就会采取行动直接进入她在米兰的空间。在整个一年里,尤其是在Salone期间,Orlandi以一种Amphitryon的方式欢迎她的客人,在她的画廊,一个前工厂里举办晚宴和演讲。这个空间仍然充满了古老的工业建筑的魅力,同时也有由建筑师Paola Navone设计的餐厅,它延续了Rossana的冒险经历,以及味觉和实验的结合。

Rossana Orlandi Milano
galleria rossana orlandi
galleria rossana orlandi