Accessories as pieces of furniture, colour as light and texture, India Mahdavi crafts spaces as cosy scenographies. Often referred to as the queen of colours, Mahdavi mixes her cross-cultural background to create a visually comfortable design that inspires and engage the senses.


“They aren’t looking for mainstream, They tend to be people who are looking ahead” Mahdavi explains about her clients. 

Photo by Claire Israel


Born in Tehran of an Iranian father and a half-Egyptian, half-Scottish mother, India Mahdavi spent her childhood between Massachusetts, New York City, Heidelberg Germany, the South of France and Paris. She graduated in architecture (from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris), in industrial design (The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, NYC), in graphic design (School of Visual Arts, NYC) and in furniture design (Parsons The New School for Design , New York), before becoming artistic director of the leading furniture Maison Christian Liaigre from 1990 to 1997.


Her studio, created in 1999 in Paris, is known for the diversity of its international projects exploring the fields of architecture and scenography, interior, furniture and object design. In 2012, she opened her shop “Petits Objets”, a place designed to promote a palette of craftsmanship and traditional techniques as well as her signature colour chart.

india mahdavi, the reigning queen of color

Photo by Pierpaolo Piccoli, RED Valentino boutique, London


Constantly moving between countries with her family following her father’s academic career, India Mahdavi diverse cultural background exposed her to a wide range of influences. The one she fondly recalls the most belongs to her childhood in the United States. The amusement of the bright colours of the 60s and the first TV shows in technicolour give her the first memory of colours.


“My childhood was very much under the sunshine in the South of France and in the United States. They were really sunny days. I realized I used colour to replace light” she shared in an interview with Atelier Doré. 


Her visual universe shaped around her passion for movies, with a fascination for the pioneer of expressionism in cinema Fritz Lang and futuristic scenography of Ken Adams’s James Bond set. Her background in architecture was functional to develop the structure and skill set for her work as a designer of interiors working with a scale she was closer with.

india mahdavi, the reigning queen of color

Photo by Young-ah Kim, India Mahdavi in her Paris showroom


Colours and texture are stripped of their romantic nostalgia to convey meaning and intentions while creating enchanting scenography. With a style resembling the geometric perfection of Wes Anderson’s movies (or vice versa), her aesthetic has a lot in common with her cross-cultural background. The collection of carpets “Interior Garden” for the French heritage brand La Manufacture Cogolin is inspired by bohemian and Oriental culture. It exemplifies her ability in playing with her multicultural roots to create her signature style. A design that she likes to define as “pop-orientalism”, holds the rigorous structure from her architectural background, with the joyful visual impact of colours and texture:


“I use colour as light, I’ll use textures as colours also. That’s how I mix things together”.




Playing with light and space without losing a sense of comfort and cosiness, her design has become a reference for exclusive brands looking for a sophisticated and eclectic touch. Her iconic interiors and design objects can be found in renowned hotels such as Condesa DF in Mexico, on Rivington in New York, Monte Carlo Beach in Monaco, and the Townhouse in Miami. Her other accolades include showrooms such as RED Valentino, flagship store London and Rome, and amazing restaurants in Beverly Hills and Geneva for Ladurée, the French pastry brand renowned for their macarons. 


A recipient of honorary French decoration as an officer of Arts and Letters by the Ministry of Culture in 2015, she has been repeatedly awarded for her work since her first international recognition as 2004 ‘Designer of the Year by Salon Maison & Objet.


Harmonising colours and texture with simple yet noble materials such as wood, lacquer and ceramic she collaborates with traditional manufacturers to produce what she likes to describe as “visually comfortable design” which “appeals to engage your senses”.



为家具配件,色彩如光,纹理如色,India Mahdavi的设计空间给你舒适的背景。被称为颜色皇后的India Mahdavi利用她多元化的文化背景来创造舒适的视觉设计,激发和触动你的感官。



Photo by Claire Israel

India Mahdavi出生于德黑兰,父亲是伊朗人,母亲有埃及和苏格兰血统。她的童年是在Massachusetts, New York City, Heidelberg Germany, the South of France 和 Paris之间度过的。毕业于巴黎的Ecole des Beaux-Arts艺术学院主修建筑,工业设计(The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, NYC),平面设计(纽约的视觉艺术学院)和家具设计(纽约的Parsons 设计学院),在1990年到1997年成为主要家具制造Maison Christian Liaigre的艺术总监。她于1999年在巴黎成立的工作室以其国际项目的多样性而闻名。这些项目探索建筑,风景、室内家具和物件设计的领域。2012年,她的” Petits Objets “商店,成为推广工艺和祖传技术以及她标志性颜色的中心。

india mahdavi, the reigning queen of color

Photo by Pierpaolo Piccoli, RED Valentino boutique, London


由于父亲的学术生涯,India Mahdavi 的童年不断地与家人往返于各国之间,India Mahdavi 所接触到的不同文化使她受到了广泛的影响。她常常喜欢回忆起属于她在美国的童年。60年代的鲜艳色彩和第一个电视节目留下了她对颜色的最初的记忆。


她在接受Atelier Doré 采访时说到”我在法国南部和美国的童年都是阳光灿烂和明媚的日子。我意识到我用色彩来代替光线。”


她的视觉世界围绕着她对电影的激情,对Fritz Lang 和Ken Adams的James Bond的未来主义的电影场景有着浓厚的兴趣。作为建筑师的她拥有对设计结构和技巧的了解,使她与室内设计更加接近。

india mahdavi, the reigning queen of color

Photo by Young-ah Kim, India Mahdavi in her Paris showroom

色彩和质感在创造迷人风景的同时,被剥夺了浪漫的怀旧之情以传达意义和意图。她几何完美的风格和Wes Anderson的电影一样(反之亦然),她的审美和她多元化文化背景有很多共同之处。她为法国传统品牌La Cogolin设计的地毯“室内花园”,灵感来自于波西米亚和东方文化,体现了她表达多元文化的能力,创造了她标志性的风格。喜欢将其称为“东方流行文化”设计,她从严谨的建筑结构中保留着色彩和纹理对视觉令人愉悦的冲击:  







在保留着舒适的感觉下,她对光线和空间特有的设计已成为追求精致而不拘一格的独家专属品牌的最爱。她标志性的内部装饰和设计可以在许多著名的酒店中找到,比如墨西哥的Condesa DF、纽约的Rivington、摩纳哥的Monte Carlo Beach、迈阿密的Townhouse、RED Valentino在伦敦和罗马的旗舰店,以及伦敦The Gallery at Sketch餐厅等。自2004年她第一次获得Maison & Objet的国际认可后她的作品曾多次获奖,其中包括2015年艺术和文学部长颁发给她的荣誉法国勋章。India Mahdavi与传统制造商合作,用简单而高贵的材料(如木材、漆器和陶瓷)调和颜色和质地生产出她喜欢的“让视觉舒适的设计”和“吸引你的感官”的作品。

india mahdavi, the reigning queen of color

Image courtesy of India Mahdavi Studio, Café Français, Paris

india mahdavi, the reigning queen of color

Photo by James Harris, Interiors of the Mellier, Mayfair, London with India Mahdavi’s Jelly P. sofa

india mahdavi, the reigning queen of color

Image courtesy of La Manufacture Cogolin, India Mahdavi’ s Jardin Intéreiur rug collection


Images courtesy of India Mahdavi Studio and La Manufacture Cogolin @ All rights reserved

Photos by Claire Israel, Derek Hudson, Matthieu Salvaing, Pierpaolo Piccoli, Young-ah Kim, James Harris