Chahan Minassian creations reflect his years in the fashion industry and his passion for exquisite materials and artistically crafted finishing. Using rich decors, timeless lines and sculptural volumes Chahan lionized design is a celebration of expert craftsmanship with haute couture finishing.


“Chahan furniture and lightings are design jewellery striking for their harmonious look and luxurious volumes, with a signature -Parisian couturier- effect

Photo by Milan Vukmirovic


Of Armenian origin, born in Lebanon, Chahan Minassian settled in France in 1976. Following his Interior Design studies in Paris, he had his first experience in the lifestyle industry as the European Creative Director for the prestigious Ralph Lauren fashion house, defining the rhythm of his projects and travels for seven years. In 1993, Chahan created his own “Chahan Interior Design” agency in Paris. His projects multiplied quickly from Canada to Japan passing from Europe, as he developed commercial interior spaces for luxury brands, before taking on important residential projects worldwide. Over the years Chahan has become a reference as an interior designer, decorator, collector, gallery owner, antique dealer and designer.


“Chahan Gallery” opened in February of 2008, at the heart of Paris’ prestigious ‘Carré Rive Gauche’ antiques area, where his limited editions are presented together with the works of contemporary artists like Nancy Lorenz, Peter Lane, Shizue Imai and Antoinette Faragallah.

Image courtesy of Chahan Minassian, installation at PAD Paris 2017


Growing up in Lebanon, Chahan was deeply influenced by Eastern and European design. As he shared with fashion editor Silvano Mendes for an interview with TL magazine:


“American aesthetic was very present in our daily lives, especially through cinema, but the first piece that really pulled my attention was Vladimir Kagan’s Erica chair”.


Fascinated by the proportions and the engineering of 1950s American furniture, his first breakthrough in the industry was an antique dealer of rare collectables. To such extent that he was given the nickname of “the American”, Chahan entered into the design realm from the main door, as one of the first to introduce the work of the great American design tradition to his loyal clientele.

His own signature style was shaped while curating the most exclusive interiors to which he always adds his personal limited editions. Chahan taste – or “eye” as he likes to call it – is sharp, precise, selective and refined, curating interiors as well as his own design with the same vision for timelessness aesthetics.

Video courtesy of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, Chahan Minassian,  Hôtel de Crillon Paris


Chahan Minassian design mixes his multicultural background with historical references to mark his own “Chahanian” style. He is a design couturier, creating objects meant to stand out as beautiful women entering a room. Chahan individually-numbered furniture and lightings are hand-sculptured objects with a strong personality, able to transform any home into private galleries. Chahan design is luxurious without being ostentatious often using a soft colour palette to convey charming aesthetics and comfort sensations. He mixes sophisticated materials such as galuchat leather and lacquer to compose exquisite textures for his limited edition of timeless presence. His unique pieces are exclusive compositions made in collaboration with ceramic master Peter Lane, architect, designer and gemologists Georges Floret, a marquetry artisan and designer Francois Mascarello.




Chahan’s sensitivity towards exclusivity and high-quality materials is well represented by one of his latest piece, the quartz and steel Paravent made in collaboration with Georges Floret. The screen is made of rock crystal specially selected piece by piece in mines by Georges Floret and cut with the techniques of a jeweller. They are mounted so that the colour goes progressively from milk to transparent, offering a very chic gradient nuance for an exceptional effect.


As one of Chanan most recent interior design projects, his unique collection of furniture and lighting are part of the refurbishing of the heritage landmark Hôtel de Crillon in Paris that he curated with his interior design studio. Since 2001, he is a regular of some of the most world-renowned shows, including the Salon du XXème Siècle, the Pavillon des Antiquaires, the Pavillon of Art and Design (PAD), and the AD Intérieurs exhibitions.



Chahan Minassian的创作反映了他在时装界的多年经验,以及他对精美材料和艺术创作的热爱。丰富的装饰,完美的线条和雕塑般的造型,Chahan 的设计是用高级定制般的细节来庆祝精湛的手工艺。



Photo by Milan Vukmirovic

有着Armenian血统的Chahan Minassian出生于黎巴嫩,于1976年在法国定居。在巴黎学习室内设计之后,他首次在著名时装品牌 Ralph Lauren 担任欧洲创意总监,这决定了他接下来7年的项目行程和节奏。


1993年,Chahan在巴黎创立了自己的” Chahan Interior Design”。他的项目迅速从欧洲发展到加拿大和日本,包括为奢侈品牌的商业内部装饰设计。然后他在全球范围内开始重要的住宅项目设计。这些年来Chahan已成为室内设计师,  装饰家,收藏和画廊拥有者, 以及古董商和设计师的代名词。“Chahan Gallery”于2008年2月开业,位于巴黎中心著名的“Carre Rive Gauche”古董区,展出他的限量版和当代艺术家如Nancy Lorenz, Peter Lane, Shizue Imai 和Antoinette Faragallah的作品。

Image courtesy of Chahan Minassian, installation at PAD Paris 2017


在黎巴嫩长大的Chahan深受东方和欧洲设计风格的影响。正如他接受时尚编辑Silvano Mendes 为 TL 杂志的采访时所分享的


“美国的审美曾在我们的日常生活中非常普遍,尤其是在电影中,但真正吸引我注意力的第一件作品是Vladimir Kagan的Erica椅子。”


他对上个世纪50年代美国家具的比例和工程非常着迷,他的首个突破是古董收藏品的古董商。以至于他被赋予“美国人”的绰号,Chahan从此进入设计领域,作为第一个将伟大的美国设计风格介绍给他忠实的客户的人。他自己的代表性风格是在塑造最独特的内部装饰设计时形成的,而他总是在设计时加上自己的限量版。Chahan的品味 – 或者说是“眼睛” 就像他喜欢说的那样,称之为“眼睛” – 是尖锐、精确、富有选择性、精炼的,有着同样的永恒的美感来策划装饰以及他自己的设计。

Video courtesy of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, Chahan Minassian,  Hôtel de Crillon Paris

Chahan Minassian的设计融合了他的多元文化和历史背景,以代表他的“Chahanian”风格。作为一名设计师,他的作品就像魅力无穷的女人突然出现一样能在任何空间脱颖而出。Chahan的每件家具和灯饰都是手工雕刻和带有独立编号的,具有鲜明个性的作品能够将任何空间转换成私人画廊。Chahan的设计是豪华而不炫耀,谨慎且优雅,常常用柔和的色调来传达迷人的美和舒适感。他将诸如 galuchat 皮革和漆器这样复杂的材料混合在一起,为他的限量版创作带来精美的纹理和质感以及永久的存在。他常与陶瓷大师Peter Lane、建筑师、设计师和宝石学家Georges Floret,镶嵌师兼设计师 Francois Mascarello 合作设计的独家作品。




Chahan对独家设计和高品质材料的敏感性反映在他最新的与Georges Floret合作,由水晶石和Paravent钢制作的屏风。 这个屏风的每块岩石水晶都是由Georges Floret亲自在矿山中挑选出并用珠宝切割技术制作。每块水晶被镶裹起来,颜色逐渐从牛奶色变成透明,带来非常别致,细微的差别来达到卓越的效果。 作为Chanan最近的室内设计项目之一,他与他室内设计工作室设计的家具和灯具系列是巴黎历史地标Hôtel de Crillon酒店的翻新的一部分。自2001年来,他是世界上最著名的一些节目的常客,包括Salon du XXème Siècle,  Pavillon des Antiquaires, Pavillon of Art 和 Design (PAD), 以及 AD Intérieurs 的展览。

Image courtesy of Chahan Minassian, unique pieces

Photo by David John, Chahan Minassian lamp at GRAY Gallery, NY

Photo by Francine Gardner, AD Interieurs 2014 installation

Photo by Jérôme Galland


Chahan Minassian at Hotel de Crillon

Image courtesy of Chahan Minassian, Gueridon Tourbillon in bronze and travertine


Images and Video courtesy of Chahan Minassian and Rosewood Hotels & Resorts @ All rights reserved

Photos by Milan Vukmirovic, Jérôme Galland, David John, Francine Gardner, Jason Schmidt