Christophe Delcourt is a self-taught French designer and furniture editor who learned the craft by surrounding himself with the most talented names in the industry.


“My inspiration comes from the things that surround me every day. It comes from architecture, the shape of a building, a construction component, a material, an artist, a colour. That’s how ideas and impulses emerge, especially the impulse to come up with new concepts

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Paris-based Christophe Delcourt was born in 1966 in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, a southeastern suburb of Paris. A trained actor and scenographer, Christophe Delcourt is a self-taught designer and editor applying the rules of theatre to furniture. Christophe Delcourt is a storyteller of interiors, appreciated for working with some of the most talented designers and artisans in the industry. An ardent defender of French craft industry he graduated in theatre practices from the Parisian institutions Cours Florent in 1988 and the Théâtre École du Passage in 1989, before opening his own furnishing company in the late 90’s.


From his studio in the Marais area of Paris he is committed to design daring furniture and objects combining elegant lines and raw materials. As an editor, Christophe Delcourt selects the work of designers sharing his taste for timeless lines and exceptional know-how. Through time, his catalog enriched with high-profile pieces of furniture exclusively designed by François Champsaur, Jean-Pierre Tortil, Tristan Auer, Laurent Nicolas and Vincent Dupont-Rougier.


Image courtesy of Christophe Delcourt, YBU table


As a creative soul who shaped behind the stage curtains, the aesthetics of Christophe Delcourt carry a strong theatrical flair, with every object of his collection able to convey a story. Coming from the theatre sector where plays are ephemeral, and emotions unreplicable, Christophe Delcourt moved into a more permanent craft, creating timeless pieces meant to last a forever. A common thread between the art of theatre and the design craft is the hand of the artisan, the unsung heroes working behind the scene:


“I hope my work is a testimony of my love for materials and my profound allegiance to the work of the hand.”


To him, every new furniture collection is an opportunity to reconsider his work through a slightly different point of view. Yet, the story always begins the same way, with the same passion and the same belief: everything comes from the material, the gesture and the know-how.

Image courtesy of Christophe Delcourt, HUG armchair and sofa


Since he bloomed as an editor and designer in 1998, Delcourt’s firm has produced some of the most coveted and influential furniture of our time. Always chasing excellence and perfection, his furniture and lighting respond to basics lifestyle needs. With his furniture, Delcourt stages every home as an intimate place where life takes place. He is obsessed with sofas and big tables as the protagonist of a lively home, enabling interaction, and “true companion of life”. Both as an editor and as a designer, his style is organic and well calibrated while always able to surprise with unusual lines and inserts.


His style lays in details, in the precise manufacture and high-craft one can read in every single piece designed by Christophe Delcourt. He has a particular way to blend a certain rigour and an undeniable sensuality in his sharp choice of wood, leather or stone. Purchasing a piece of furniture designed by Christophe Delcourt means undoubtedly choosing excellence.




The uniqueness of Christophe Delcourt comes from his devotion to local, French craftsmanship. He personally selects only manufacturers that work with materials and components coming from the same region where the furniture is produced. A commitment to sustainability that goes beyond the fashionable statement, but instead looks deep into the production process, using natural and recyclable elements while minimizing the use of petroleum products.


Beside collaborating with several designers and studios, he has designed among others, furniture for Roche Bobois, Cartier’s showroom in Tokyo, the Saint Regis Bal Harbour Resort in Miami, and Louis Vuitton offices in Paris, Barcelona, and Hong Kong. Delcourt’s designs have been exhibited at many prestigious art galleries and showrooms worldwide, including Ralph Pucci in the United States, Avenue Road in Toronto, Canada, and the Le Cadre Gallery in Hong Kong. In 1999, he won the prestigious Designer of the Year award from Maison & Objet, Paris.



Christophe Delcourt通过与设计行业中最具天赋的著名设计师交流学习, 是自学成才的法国设计师和家具编辑。


他与Interior Design的前主编Meghan Edwards分享:“我的灵感来自于每天我周围的事物。 它来自建筑设计,建筑物的形状,建筑的部件,材料,艺术家的颜色。 它是思想和冲动的产物,尤其是对新概念的冲动”。

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Christophe Delcourt于1966年出生于巴黎东南郊的Saint-Maur-des-Fossés。 他是训练有素的演员兼舞台设计师也是自学成才的设计师兼编辑,将剧场的舞台规则运用到家具设计上。
Christophe Delcourt善于用设计讲故事,他也是法国手工业的忠实捍卫者,并与业内一些他最欣赏和最有才华的设计师及工匠合作。 他于1988年毕业于巴黎的Parisian institutions Cours Florent,1989年在Théâtre École du Passage剧院学习,之后于90年代末期开设了自己的家具公司。他位于巴黎Marais的工作室致力于用原始材料设计大胆具有优雅线条的家具和产品。 作为一名编辑,Christophe Delcourt与他选择的设计师们分享他的独特品味和设计诀窍。 随着时间的推移,由François Champsaur,Jean-Pierre Tortil,Tristan Auer,Laurent Nicolas和Vincent Dupont-Rougier设计的Christophe Delcourt豪华家具目录更加丰富了。

Image courtesy of Christophe Delcourt, YBU table


作为舞台幕后的创作灵魂,Christophe Delcourt充满戏剧感的审美天赋使他每一件作品都传达着一个故事。 从不可重复与短暂的戏剧表演,Christophe Delcourt转移到创造更持久,永恒的工艺作品设计。舞台艺术和工艺设计之间的共同点是那些幕后工作的无名英雄:





Image courtesy of Christophe Delcourt, HUG armchair and sofa

自从1998年他担任编辑和设计师以来,Delcourt的公司制作出了一些具有影响力的家具。 他设计的家具和灯光始终追求着卓越和完美并符合生活的需求。Delcourt的家具把每个家庭空间都当成生活的亲密舞台,而让他痴迷的沙发和桌子是家庭空间的主角,成为“生活的真实伴侣”。无论是作为编辑还是作为设计师,他的风格在有机和精确的同时总是能够用不寻常的线条和衔接为你带来惊喜。 每件由Christophe Delcourt设计的作品你都可以感受到他注重于细节的风格和精密制造的高超工艺。 他严谨和不可否认的感性以及他对木头,皮革或石头的锐利选择,使购买Christophe Delcourt的家具无疑代表着选择卓越绝佳的设计产品。



Christophe Delcourt的独特之处来自于他对法国本地手工艺的热爱。 他选择只用当地的材料及与来自同一地区的制造商合作。 他对可持续发展的承诺超越了时尚,而且在生产过程中以使用天然和可回收元素为主,同时最大限度地减少石油产品的使用。除了与多位知名设计师和工作室合作之外,他还为Roche Bobois设计家具,为卡地亚设计在东京的展示厅和迈阿密的Saint Regis Bal Harbor Resort,以及巴黎,巴塞罗那和香港的Louis Vuitton的办公室。 Delcourt的设计曾在全球许多著名的艺术画廊和展厅展出,包括美国的Ralph Pucci,加拿大多伦多的Avenue Road,以及香港的Le Cadre画廊。 1999年他赢得了由著名巴黎Maison&Objet颁发的最佳设计师大奖。


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Photo by Pierre Even, JAZ console by Christophe Delcourt

Image courtesy of Christophe Delcourt


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