La Manufacture Cogolin in Southern France has produced rugs of unrivalled elegance and personality since 1924.


“Creative wonders with history and personality, Cogolin rugs are a statement of high-end design, elegance and exceptional craft with a recognisable Mediterranean soul”


Started as a silkworm farm and hand-knotted rugs laboratory, this Provençal gem was discovered in 1928 by a French entrepreneur and textile engineer named Jean Lauer, while on vacation in the area. Charmed by the exceptional craftsmanship of the weaver, Lauer bought the company and added the groundbreaking Jacquard hand-weaving looms, introducing early automatisation into the manufacturing process. Each Cogolin rug was knotted or woven by local craftswomen whose skill, combined with Lauer’s visionary innovations, helped propel the brand to international renown by the 1930s.


In 2010, years after Lauer death, the company was acquired by the Hong-Kong-based carpet company House of Tai Ping. Now serving the most discerning and affluent clients around the globe, La Manufacture Cogolin remains a unique and exquisite example of enduring cultural legacy, innovation and design.

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Stepping into the workshop of Cogolin feels like witnessing the history of industrial revolution coming to life. The revolutionary Jacquard loom mechanisms – still in use today – combines needle, cylinder, and punch-card components to create textured designs and elaborate patterns. An old relative of modern computers, the 19th Century handloom has been operated by generations of women weavers working with the noblest of materials. Wool, cotton, jute, linen, silk and raffia are yield together to create high-relief floral and geometric patterns.


The signature Cogolin’s waving technique called “point de Bruxelles” is made exceptional by the use of a 200 rich and luminous colours palette developed exclusively for La Manufacture. Rare and timeless rugs which are now produced in collaborations with selected workshops in Nepal to provide the signature hand knotted finishing.



Cogolin hand-knotted masterpieces can be spotted in some of the most exclusive residences worldwide. The Élysée Palace in Paris and the Nelson A. Rockefeller former apartment at 810 Fifth Avenue, New York are just some luxury homes with a Cogolin rug at their floors. The latest house collection Idylle is a celebration of the rug-maker exceptional heritage and an homage to one of the most iconic piece rediscovered from the Cogolin timeless archives.


Idylle collection honours the original mid-1930s floral drawings of the French artist Christian “Bébé” Bérard, who designed a sophisticated pattern for the famous Rockefeller living room in Manhattan. Describing the Idylle collection, Jean-Pierre Tortil, the global creative director of Tai Ping reveals the reinvigorated identity of the brand:


“It’s a celebration of the Manufacture. [..] And it brings the creative wonders of the past to today and to the future.”




The Bérard rug was one of the first collaborations between the haute couture carpet workshop and some of Europe’s most finest designers. Artist Jean Cocteau, and designers Jules Leleu, Jean-Michel Frank, and Sir David Hicks are just some of names who uses Cogolin’s texture as their most refined artistic medium. One of the most recent collaboration holds the signature of the queen of colours India Mahdavi. Inspired by gardens as the typical Kilims and Oriental rugs, the collection called Jardin intérieur – Indoor garden – astonishes with geometrical tridimensional patterns and lavish colours.


I have used a lot of rugs from La Manufacture Cogolin for several of my projects” says India Mahdavi, “because they have a very specific way of weaving, and their rugs have a real personality.”

1924年以来,位于法国南部的La Manufacture Cogolin就开始生产出无与伦比,优雅和富有个性的地毯。


“Cogolin 地毯是历史和个性创意的奇迹,也是对高端设计,优雅而杰出工艺,并有着独特地中海灵魂的完美表达。“

这颗Provençal 的珍贵宝石最初只是一家桑蚕农场和手工打结的地毯实验室,在1928年被一位名叫Jean Lauer的法国企业家和纺织工程师发现,当时他正在这个地区度假。他被编织技师的独特工艺所吸引,Lauer买下了这家公司,并加入了开创性的提花手工织布机,将早期的自动化引入到制造过程中。每块Cogolin地毯都是由当地的工匠编织,他们的技能结合了Lauer的远见卓识,在上世纪30年代推动了Cogolin这个品牌的国际声誉。2010年在Jean Lauer去世多年后,该公司被总部位于香港的地毯公司太平(House of Tai Ping)收购。如今,La Manufacture Cogolin 为全球最有眼光和最富有的客户服务,La Manufacture Cogolin 仍然是一个独特而精致的文化遗产、创新和设计完美结合的典范。

la manufacture cogolin, rugs, house of tai ping


走进Cogolin 的车间,感觉就像见证了工业革命的历史。革命性的提花织机 – 至今仍在使用它将针、气缸和打孔卡组件结合在一起,创造出有质感和精致的图案。19世纪的手工织布机是现代计算机的一个古老亲戚,它由几代使用最高贵材料如羊毛、棉花、黄麻、亚麻布、丝绸和拉菲草纺织的女织工来操作织出精致的高浮雕花和几何图案。这种标志性的Cogolin 编织技术叫做point de Bruxelles,它的独特之处在于使用了专门为 La Manufacture制造开发的200种丰富而明亮的颜色。现在Cogolin与尼泊尔精选的车间合作使用Cogolin标志性的手工打结生产稀有且经久不衰的地毯。



Cogolin手工打结的经典地毯常常出现在一些世界上最奢侈豪华的住宅。其中包括了位于巴黎的Élysée Palace 和位于第五大道810号的Nelson a . Rockefeller前公寓,它们都是拥有Cogolin豪华地毯的住宅。最新的house collection Idylle是为庆祝Cogolin 地毯制造非凡遗产的庆典,也是对从Cogolin的档案中重新发现最具代表性的作品之一的致敬。Idylle收藏了法国艺术家Christian“Bebe”Berard在20世纪30年代中期为Manhattan 著名的Rockefeller 起居室设计的一个复杂图案的作品。太平全球创意总监Jean-Pierre Tortil 在描述该系列作品时,揭示了该品牌的重新定位:






Bérard 地毯是高级定制地毯工作室和一些欧洲最优秀的设计师之间的第一次合作。其中包括艺术家Jean Cocteau和设计师Jules Leleu,Jean,Michel Frank以及David Hicks爵士都使用Cogolin纹理作为他们最优雅的艺术媒介。在最近的一次与色彩女王India Mahdavi 合作中使用她的代表颜色。其灵感来自花园以及典型的Kilims和东方地毯,此系列被称为Jardin intérieur “室内花园”, 它几何的立体三维图案和华丽的色彩令人惊叹。Mahdavi说:


“我的几个项目中都用了La Manufacture Cogolin的地毯,因为他们非常特殊的编织方式,而且他们的地毯有真实的个性。”“我们的合作看起来非常自然和谐。”

la manufacture cogolin, rugs, house of tai ping
la manufacture cogolin, rugs, house of tai ping
la manufacture cogolin, rugs, house of tai ping
cogolin rugs
la manufacture cogolin, rugs, house of tai ping