Inspired by French industrial design from 20th Century, DCW Editions Paris produces timeless pieces of elegance and functionality. DCW Editions are redefining industrial design for luxury interiors through lighting system of high-tech perfection, intelligent making and stylish finishing.


“There are objects born from desire and objects born from love. There are objects that disappear, scattered by the winds of time. Only truth and beauty are eternal”

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DCW Editions Paris is a lighting and furniture editor founded in 2008 by Philippe Cazer and Frédéric Winkler. By bringing back to life classic pieces of the French tradition, DCW focuses on objects that stands for versatility and style. DCW started by producing iconic pieces that made the history of the European industrial design, all sharing a common simple standard: “honest objects, well designed, well manufactured”.


Passing through three successful productions homaging emblematic designers of the 21st century (such as the GRAS lamp, the Surpil, and he MANTIS collection) chair DCW Editions is now branching out into more contemporary and innovative lighting, merging high-tech with elegance and functionality. As perfectly framed by DCW Editions website welcome statement:


“There are objects born from desire and objects born from love. There are objects that disappear, scattered by the winds of time. Only truth and beauty are eternal”

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DCW debuted with producing the contemporary edition of the iconic GRAS lamp, an object that belongs to the history of modern lighting. Originally designed in 1921 by inventor Bernard-Albin Gras for use in offices and in industrial environments, the lamp has become sought after a collector’s item all over the world. Much lauded by Le Corbusier for its simple, robust and yet very ergonomic design, DCW have been able to develop the original project into a modern and articulated lighting system that reinforces the eternal beauty of the Bernard-Albin Gras’ design.


An object born for industrial space has been elevated has been reworked to resist the most aggressive natural environments, fitting yachts, sea or to swimming pools proximity. Another timeless re-edition is the MANTIS collection by Bernard Schottlander created in 1951 as a homage to Alexander Calder mobile-sculptures these lamps seem to defy the law of gravity, like an acrobat playing with shades while suspended in mid-air.




“Ceci n’est pas une lampe. C’est une lumière”

“This is not just a lamp. It is light itself”


Playing with the words as they play with light, DCW Editions borrows the famous surrealist statement from Magritte’s painting La Trahison des images, to introduce an object able to breakthrough lighting standards. ISP by Italian-Russian designer Ilia Sergeevich Potemine undresses the traditional lamp from bulbs and switches, giving to the gesture a physical and mystical purpose. A wonder of brass and marble, ISP light resets the everyday object as a medium to entering into a new dimension, a place where light becomes a palpable reality. On the same transformative trajectory is hanging lamp Here Comes the Sun. From the original 1970 design Bertrand Balas, DCW re-edited this collector must-have creating an object that glaring any spaces with a celestial magical aura.




Philippe Cazer and Frédéric Winkler fascination with industrial material elevated to luxury objects climax in their latest lighting system IN THE TUBE. The soft light of IN THE TUBE is filtered by the exclusive selection of materials: stainless steel for a silver light, anodised aluminium for copper or gold. With a cinematic look that could fit any sci-fiction or spy story movie set, the architect Dominique Perrault and the designer Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost designed a collection that perfectly read DCW unique savoir-faire:


“It is our passion for objects that led us to create DCW éditions. Objects which are companions to our daily existence that are reliable, honest, carefully thought and perfectly crafted. Objects perfect of their kind, but also beautiful and generous. Objects that we treat with respect, but which we grow attached over time. A way of living, a way of seeing”

感来自20世纪法国工业设计,DCW Editions 巴黎的产品代表着永恒的优雅和功能。DCW Editions 巴黎通过高科技完美的照明系统,高科技制作和时尚的装饰设计,为豪华室内的工业设计重新设制定义。



DCW Editions巴黎是Philippe Cazer和Frédéric Winkler在2008年建立的一个照明和家具品牌。通过回归法国的传统经典设计,DCW将重点放在具有多功能和风格的设计上。DCW从制作欧洲工业设计标志性作品开始,分享简单的标准:




通过生产三件21世纪的标志性设计师的作品,(如GRAS灯,Surpil,和他MANTIS收藏系列),DCW现已延伸到更现代和创新的灯光,融合了高科技与优雅的功能。正如DCW edition网站的所描述的那样:“来自于爱和欲望的产品,被时间的风吹散了,消失了。只有真理和美丽才是永恒的“。

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DCW首次推出了属于现代照明史当代版的GRAS灯。最初于1921年由Bernard-Albin Gras 发明,用于办公室和工业环境,现在它已经成为世界各地收藏家的珍贵藏品。 当Le Corbusier简单而又符合人体工程学的设计而广受赞誉的时候,DCW已经将原始项目设计发展成现代的、具体的照明系统,强化了Bernard – albin Gras 设计的永恒之美。
它为工业空间而设计的最初目被以抵御最具侵略性的自然环境,适合游艇、海洋或游泳池附近的环境而代替。另一个永恒的翻新是由Bernard Schottlander于1951年创作的MANTIS系列,这是对Alexander Calder的移动雕塑的致敬,这些灯似乎违背了万有引力定律像一个杂技演员一样在半空中悬浮着。




“Ceci n’est pas une lampe. C’est une lumière”



CW借鉴了Magritte绘画作品La Trahison des图像中的著名超现实主义语句,来形容一个不仅仅是照明物体。意大利俄罗斯裔设计师 Ilia Sergeevich Potemine的 ISP 灯,给传统灯泡和开关带来神秘的一笔。作为黄铜和大理石的结合,ISP灯将日常的灯光注入新的生命,把光变为可感知的奇迹。在同样的轨道上,挂着 Here Comes the Sun灯。DCW为收藏家的必备的Bertrand Balas1970年设计的太阳灯注入新的生命,它为你的空间带来天体的光环。




Philippe Cazer 和Frédéric Winkler 对工业材料的迷恋,使他们把最新的 IN THE TUBE奢华照明设计对工业材料的运用达到了顶峰。 IN THE TUBE温柔的灯光透过银色的不锈钢,铜或金的氧化铝独家选择的材料, 让你似乎进入了科幻小说或间谍故事电影的场景。 建筑师Dominique Perrault 和设计师 Gaelle lauriot – prevost设计的系列完美的呈现了DCW的独特魅力:


“正是我们对产品的热情促使我们创造了DCW éditions。与我们日常生活相伴的产品是可靠,诚实的,仔细设计和精心制作的完美的产品,同时也是美丽大方的。我们所使用的产品随着时间的推移与我们紧紧的联系在一起。这是一种生活方式,更是一种生活观念。”

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dcw editions paris