Entrelacs is a family story driven by a love of materials.


Yves and Paul Macheret took over the paternal art foundry in 2015 and created a brand of light fixtures, backed by the mastery of bronze.


Philippe Macheret was already known for its custom bronze pieces at the time. The two brothers then created Entrelacs in order to contribute to the development of the foundry.

The brand offers finished products made from bronze, built with the family know-how. The pieces of Entrelacs thus represent the “interlacing” of the foundry’s talents. Moulder, foundryman, chiseler, polisher…
Each profession is involved in the production of an Entrelacs creation.


Craftsmen and manufacturers, the Macherets also focus on the simplicity of shapes, in homage to the materials they are using. Because the materials are minimally worked on in the process, the lamps are sold for affordable prices. Indeed, Entrelacs is one of the rare players in the French bronze lighting industry because they control all stages of a product, from design to manufacturing and sales.


With a growing French and foreign clientele, Entrelacs is rooted in the soil of family know-how.

Entrelacs Products

Yves Macheret

Time for the essentials

«Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication»


Entrelacs places great importance on durability and sustainability and the brand is evolving its practices along with the rest of society.


The material worked in its simplest expression thus becomes a decorative effect in itself.


Each light is unique in its formal simplicity that one cannot tire of. Bronze and alabaster become in truth the only embellishments with a strong personality of durability and timelessness.


On the technical side, Entrelacs has embraced a spirit of practicality. The lights are equipped with LEDs that allows you to change the lighting levels and keep consumption low.With the reuse of materials, these lights are contributing to the experience of time.


NOMADE Table Lamp .

Enough to live at home, the original beauty of the earth at the sole sight of the material, brought to light.

MOON Wall Sconce .

HUBLOT mirror

像在物体上留下印痕一样,每一件Mingardo Design Faber的作品都印有编号因为它们都是限量作品。每件Mingardo Design Faber的设计都是小批量制作,以保证每一件作品的质量。制作之前每件贵金属作品作品将给于编号来保证它独特的价值。



发现 Mingardo 的产品
Affluency Unique by Design, Mingardo Design Faber


创新的愿望和当今行业面临的挑战推动Daniele Mingardo把家庭规模的作坊发展为今天设计领域顶尖的设计制造品牌。Mingardo迷人的深绿色机器和传统的老式工具以及稳定的手工制作保障数十年产品的质量。


Mingardo独特的金属产品是由高度熟练的工匠专门手工锻造的。 受到高度评价的金属制造商,每件Mingardo Designer Faber限量版系列作品都呈现着对金属制作的热情。以现代和简约的设计用传统的生产工艺让铜,铁等金属呈现出它的最佳状态。


Mingardo年轻的企业团队正领导着新的时代来创造一个更强大和更明确的品牌。两代人并肩工作延续着传统。 在1988年 Federica Biasi 开始与意大利建筑师Aldo Parisotto合作,设定了Mingardo新的艺术方向。 在他们的指导下与新兴和成熟的设计师们合作创建具有代表性的金属产品系列。Mingardo 2013在米兰设计周首次亮相后,一些最近的委员会回忆早期时与建筑师Carlo Scarpa,以及与米兰的Museo del Novecento,佛罗伦萨的Parco Della Musica和 Bari 的Teroro Petruzzelli 等几家意大利最重要的艺术机构的合作。以知识和传统工艺来庆祝原型的创作,Faber – 制造者。


在Mingardo制作的每一件作品都展示着设计师的独特风格,同时也是对Mingardo新方向的认同。日本Masanori Mori 和他用黄铜制造的自行车停车架荣获了2016 Wallpaper设计奖;Revesz 和 Tatangelo设计的Trestle 咖啡桌及边桌,用木材与天然黄铜制造拥有金属涂层的顶部却令人难以置信的轻盈; Antigone Acconci 和 Riccardo Bastian具有自然氧化功能的简约烛台; 或是由Parisotto & Formenton设计的黑钢和原始黄铜制成的Sfoglia and Piega灯;Chiara Andreatti的Satin Collection 托盘和咖啡系列是对Bauhaus时期的致意。来自Objects of Common Interest 工作室,由Leonidas Trampoukis 和 Eleni Petaloti设计的温柔Shapes Mirrors镜;Federica Biasi设计的Elettra花瓶之精华和诗意的线条; Cara和Davide的Lume黄铜烛台历久弥新的设计,审视着几何和三维之间的关系。


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