An editor of designers, able to envision trends and tastes, David Haymann is a catalyst for modern luxury furniture with a touch of French elegance. Haymann Editions is synonymous of a balanced selection of signature design crafted with noble materials. A reference for sophisticated urban interiors redefining classic design.


“As a statement of lifestyle Haymann Editions highlights a showcase of limited editions – Bold aesthetics resulting from the professional encounter between the curator and his designers.”

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In 2012 David Haymann launched Haymann Editions with the vision to bring a modern luxury furniture and lighting brand in the long tradition of the french “ensemblier”. A collection that would reflect the so-called “French elegance” mixing styles, influences and materials, as women play with fashion. With the collaboration of international designers and the best European manufacturers, Haymann’s mission is to bring together these influences into a coherent collection, creating a unique aesthetic mixing tradition, modernity, and discreet elegance.

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All pieces designed for Haymann Editions are selected for meeting the highest quality standards in furniture manufacturing. Carrara marble, solid wood, brass, leather, hand-blown glass. All noble materials typical of the European hand-crafted tradition artfully worked using innovative techniques by some of the most appreciated designers on the market: Toni Grilo, Dan Yeffet, Lucile Koldova, Sebastian Herkner, Charles Kalpakian, David Raffoul & Nicolas Moussalem. Each designer brings to Haymann Editions a personal lineage of experience, craftsmanship, and style in working with long-standing manufactures and workshops in Europe. The result is a collection with strong coherence for the use of materials, colors, and innovation.



Like a prism reflecting and enhancing the individual prestige of each designer, Haymann Editions is a collection of excellence. Limited editions made even more precious by the international recognition awarded to each of Haymann’s designers. Starting with the chic and pure design of Israeli Dan Yeffet, whose works can be found in various museums and galleries around the world such as the New Design Museum in Chicago, the V&A in London and the Design Museum in Holon, Israel. Or the France-Portuguese Toni Grilo, known for his transformative artistic direction able to scale local European workshops into international brands. Or the German Sebastian Herkner, numerously awarded for his attention to structures and textures by German Design Award (2011) Elle Decor Award for the best Outdoor Furniture (2013) just to name few.


The list of accolades goes on with Czech designer Lucie Koldova widely exhibited in some of the best galleries across Europe for her mastery in glass sculpturing, while both Charles Kalpakian and David/Nicolas from their common Lebanese heritage are praised worldwide as some of the most influential designers for their respective calligraphy geometries and “retro-futuristic” style.




Every collection is selected to echoes the curatorship of David Haymann, a talent scout for sophisticated and luxury design and a bold entrepreneur in the lifestyle industry. The individual designers under Haymann Editions combine their signature approach into a fine-tuned collection of furniture. Each item shares a common design language in the use of materials and colors while embodying the “Frenchness” of the brand. The vision of Haymann Editions thrives in creating attractive juxtapositions. Like the ones between the gentle Model Duo Coffee Table by Lucie Koldova with the monolith Lythos Table by Toni Grilo, or the one with the soft looking Wave Stool Gold by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova with the geometrical Cutting Space Mirror also by Toni Grilo.

David Haymann 是设计师的编辑,他能够预见潮流和品味,是法国优雅感现代豪华家具的引导者。Haymann Editions是精心挑选的高贵材料代表性设计的同义词。也是寻找城市内部装饰经典设计定义的参考。


“作为一种生活方式,Haymann Editions强调对限量版的展示,由策展人与他的设计师之间的接触,艺术和工艺之间的大胆选择而产生无限和谐的美感。

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2012年David Haymann推出了Haymann edition,将现代豪华家具和照明品牌引入法国“组合”的悠久传统。Haymann edition系列反映了“法国优雅”混合风格,影响力和材料的选择,就像女性追随时尚一样。在与国际设计师和欧洲顶级制造商的合作下,Haymann的使命是将其整合为一个连贯的系列,创造出融合传统、现代和谨慎优雅以及独特的审美风格。

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Haymann Editions 的所有设计全部达到家具制造中最高质量标准。Carrara大理石,实木,黄铜,皮革,手工吹制玻璃。 Haymann Editions 的设计是由市场上最受赞赏的设计师们使用欧洲传统高贵材料和手工制作技术结合创新技巧制作, 包括:Toni Grilo,Dan Yeffet,Lucile Koldova,Sebastian Herkner,Charles Kalpakian,David Raffoul 和 Nicolas Moussalem。每一位设计师都将自己的经验、工艺和风格带入Haymann Editions系列,并与富有历史的欧洲制造商和工作室合作。其结果是融合对材料,颜色和创新的使用有很强的一致性的系列。



Haymann Editions是收藏了一系列卓越设计师们的杰出设计,对限量版的国际认可更是弥足珍贵,它反映和提高每个设计师的设计才能,来自以色列的Dan Yeffet别致的纯设计的作品可以在世界各地的博物馆和画廊中找到,比如芝加哥的New Design Museum、伦敦的V&A和以色列Holon的Design Museum。法国-葡萄牙籍人Toni Grilo,他以变革性的艺术方向而闻名,能够把欧洲本地的工作室扩展成为国际品牌。德国的Sebastian Herkner凭借其对建筑和质地的关注,获得2011年 德国Design Award 和2013年Elle Decor Award装饰奖最佳户外家具奖。无以计数的赞誉和奖项让捷克设计师Lucie Koldova的玻璃雕塑在欧洲一些最好的画廊展出。而 Charles Kalpakian 和 David Nicolas以他们共同的黎巴嫩背景和几何图形,“颠覆性”的风格被全球一些最具影响力的设计师称赞。




每个由David Haymann推出的Haymann Editions 系列都呼应着他的策展风格。 David Hayman不光能够发掘设计天才,他也是生活方式行业的企业家。Haymann Editions 由各个设计师的代表设计作品组合成精致的家具收藏系列。在运用材料和颜色时,设计师们使用共同的设计语言,同时体现Haymann Editions品牌的“法国特色”。Haymann Editions希望在引人注目蓬勃发展的过程中保持独特的风格。 比如由Lucie Koldova设计的Model Duo Coffee Table和Toni Grilo设计的Lythos Table,以及Dan Yeffet和Lucie Koldova设计的Wave Stool Gold和 Toni Grilo设计的Cutting Space Mirror。

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haymann editions
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haymann editions
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