Nathalie Ziegler-Pasqua is a Parisian artisan of glass crafting shimmering suspensions that play with light, gravity and shapes. Their format, their brilliance and the artisan’s power are reminiscent of the eighteenth-century furniture, but with a unique contemporary style that you will find only in Nathalie’s workshop.

Photo by Ann Ray


Born in Paris, Nathalie Ziegler-Pasqua has an exceptional artistic background that brought her from the theatre realm to the international stage with her artisanal suspensions of glass. For over 20 years Nathalie has been the first dancer and a choreographic artist at the Opéra National de Paris, while also being an appreciated solo dance performer. From the famous dance house, she had the opportunity to tour in Tokyo, Moscow and London working with Rudolf Nureyev, Jerome Robbins and Mats Ek, among others.


Daughter of an aeronautical engineer, the fascination for gravity and light was something that run in her family. After concluding her career in dance she self-taught the craft of glass sculpturing and opened up her studio in Paris. Launching her first collection for Arums Galerie during the 2002 edition of “Maison et Object – Scène D’Interieur”, her work is now showcased in some of the most exclusive galleries, hotels, restaurants and homes worldwide.


Interweaving a deeply poetic craft with her artistic background, Nathalie works with ceramics, hand-blown glass, copper and precious stones to create dreamlike objects, lighting up spaces as tridimensional crystals. She learnt the laws of gravity on dancing bodies and adapted on one of the noblest of materials. Starting by gluing pieces of glass on ceramics, to threading intricate chandeliers of shimmering presence, her creations are inspired by nature, stars and colours. Natalie looks at the ancestral alchemy of sand and fire to sculpt tridimensional glass creations. Like a handful of sand thrown into the sky, remaining perched, suspended, between heaven and earth, shadow and light, Nathalie’s aerial sculptures attract attention and light, illuminating the spaces they inhabit.


Natalie’s suspensions are naturally light-sensitive objects, playing with the innate reflection of the glass. Her decorative style with floral or natural motifs, could resemble the colourful mystical sculpture of Chinese shrines or the opulence 18th-century French furniture.


For her creations, Nathalie Pasqua Ziegler cuts, craves, assembles and transforms the finest plate and hand-blown glass coming from the Verrerie de Saint-Just a historical glass factory in central France. Founded in 1826 the Verrerie de Saint-Just has shared the unique know-how of its master glassmakers with paramount artists the likes of Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Fernand Léger and Joan Miro.

Most of her more recent suspensions are intricate thread of glass mounted over an invisible copper structure, to gently carry their heavyweight without losing lithe. Like ballerinas about to soar, Natalie crafts hand-blown glass with gold or silver mirror shades to depict dreamlike silhouettes, that highlight every space with their majestic presence.




All exquisitely unique can be monochromatic or multi-coloured according to inspiration, but always sparkling. Like the magnificent Suspension Maximale XXL White Précieux, a white cloud of hand-blown glass, soft in its presence but with a structure carrying 400 kg of precious material. Each piece requires days of work and are all handmade by Natalie herself. From her early days when she used to make purely decorative objects, she has now expanded her craft towards magnificent suspended work of arts shining in their own light.


The brilliance and artisanal power of her exclusive craft have been presented and exhibited in some of the finest galleries around the world. Inspired by the bird-of-paradise, her latest glass sculpture “Birdy”, dominates the Chinese lounge of the multi-awarded Hotel Les Bains-Douches in Paris. The 100 kilos suspension made of hand-blown glass, copper and silver, recalls the sumptuous baroque furniture, but with a contemporary style unique to Nathalie Ziegler-Pasqua.



Nathalie Ziegler-Pasqua是法国设计师擅长用玻璃设计制作悬挂在空中闪亮的雕塑作品。她强烈的风格和才华让人想起了十八世纪的家具又具有独特的当代风格,这种风格只能在Nathalie的工作室里找到。

Photo by Ann Ray

出生于巴黎的Nathalie Ziegler-Pasqua有着特殊的艺术背景。早年作为巴黎歌剧院的舞蹈演员,拥有超过20年的职业生涯,其中6年担任独舞演员。舞蹈生涯让她有机会在东京、莫斯科和伦敦与Rudolf Nureyev, Jerome Robbins 和Ek Mats等人一起工作。一个航空工程师的女儿,来自家庭里的影响让她迷恋着重力和光线。结束了舞蹈生涯后,她自学玻璃雕刻工艺,在巴黎开设了工作室,并于2002年在Arums Galerie展出了为Arums设计的首个系列“Maison et Object – Scene D ‘ interieur“。现在她的作品被世界上一些最豪华的画廊、酒店、餐馆和家庭收藏。



Natalie 的设计是利用玻璃对自然光的反射, 加上带有花卉或自然装饰风格的图案,充满中国神殿的神秘感和色彩斑斓的18世纪法国家具。Nathalie Pasqua Ziegler用来自法国中部Verrerie de Saint-Just工厂最好的手工吹制玻璃,切割,改造并组装完成她的创作。创建于1826年历史悠久的Verrerie de Saint-Just工厂曾与多位paramount艺术家合作,如Marc Chagall,Henri Matisse,Fernand Leger和Joan Miro制造和设计独特的玻璃艺术。她把镶嵌着错综复杂玻璃的作品悬挂在隐形的铜丝上,轻盈飘逸,像仙女般飞翔。用金或银色手吹玻璃的镜子在每个空间来描绘和突出梦幻般的剪影。




每一片单色或多色的手吹玻璃都是精美独特,闪闪发光。她的Suspension Maximale XXL White Précieux作品,就像悬浮在半空中的白云一般令人惊叹不已,看似轻盈飘逸的白色手吹玻璃结构却承载着400公斤的重量。每件作品都是由Natalie自己无数小时手工制作的。从早期制作纯粹的装饰作品起,她就把自己的设计范围扩展到华丽的悬挂垂吊艺术,让它在灯光下闪闪发光。Nathalie Pasqua Ziegler独特的设计作品已经在世界上一些最好的画廊展出。她最新的玻璃雕塑“Birdy”在巴黎多次获奖的设计酒店Les bains – douches 的中国厅占据了主导地位。这件100公斤用手工吹制玻璃、铜和银制成的作品令人想起奢华的巴洛克式家具,但它的现代风格又是Nathalie ziegler – pasqua所独有的。

Nathalie Ziegler Pasqua


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Arts & Photos by Armelle Trouche, Ann Ray, Rosewood Hotel & Resorts, Nathalie Ziegler Pasqua