Slovenian furniture and interior designer Nika Zupanc pours a poetic disruption into the world of design. Her products and installations challenge the rational, sober and utilitarian by giving voice to the intuitive, eclectic and intimate.


“To challenge the rational, sober and utilitarian by giving voice to the intuitive, eclectic and intimate”

Image courtesy of Nika Zupanc


Nika Zupanc graduated with distinction from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2000. Since then Nika has continued to build her portfolio to rising acclaim. The Lolita table lamp, produced by Dutch design brand Moooi is a particularly well-loved piece of hers. A piece which brought her a sterling reputation and opened the doors for collaborating with distinguished design companies such as Sé, Scarlet Splendour, Moroso and Nodus among others.


Over the last few years, Nika has become one of the most closely-watched designers at Milan Design Week: not just for her stand-alone products but also for her installations, including Love Me More, curated by Rossana Orlandi. She also made the Room of One‘s Own installation for the 2013 Esprit Dior exhibition and designed the atmospheric As Aperitivo bar in her hometown Ljubljana – two fantastic immersions into her design sensibility. She received the prestigious accolade of Elle ‘Woman of the Year’ in her home country.  

Image courtesy of Nika Zupanc, Se Collection at Galleria Rossana Orlandi Milano


Nika Zupanc’s work is inspired by the outer frontiers of technologies, materials and design possibilities.


“I am very interested in working with icons” – she shares in a recent interview – “whether it is the material, a certain form or even a certain colour. I am interested in the meaningful essence that those things possess.”


Inspired by and also a creator of icons herself, Nika Zupanc created a disruptive and recognisable style with her cheeky and glamorous design. Her statement pieces break the norms and reclaim the feminine aesthetics in a predominantly male furniture-design market. Her visual language comes from carefully selecting her themes and forms challenging stereotypes through a poetic approach. Working as an independent designer for selected brands she is constantly involved in fresh projects that grow out of distinctive interpretations of modern culture, contemporary design and available technological options.

Video courtesy of Nika Zupanc for Miss DIOR


Zupanc’s pieces carry an emotional charge as well as being exquisitely finished, with an uncompromising feminine feel. Since emerging at the Milan Design Week in 2008 she has been closely watched by the industry and the press, describing her work as everything from “punk elegance” (Elle USA) and “techno-chic” (BusinessWeek) to “larger than life” (Clear magazine) and Zupanc as “the real star” (The Wall Street Journal). There’s a touch of theatre and Film Noir in her work, and somehow her pieces make the user feel like a Hollywood actor.


Nika’s acclaimed collection for Sé is an extraordinary range of pieces based around the loose theme of the Olympics and sports clubs, including the Trophy table lamp and the ingenious three-sided Olympia dressing table. The collection received the Editor’s Award for Best Furniture at the ICFF and was claimed to be one of the best collections presented at Milano design week 2014 by Dezeen, The Telegraph and The Luxury channel to name a few.




Besides designing a long line of acclaimed ready-to-use pieces it is her conceptual installations that saw her evolving into an authentic global voice. I Will Buy Flowers Myself (2009) and Gone with the Wind (2010) presented a collection of objects inside blown-up doll house structures that became a hallmark of Milan Design Week. In November 2013 Zupanc presented a wooden structure, a pavilion, A Room of One‘s Own as part of the exhibition Esprit Dior: Miss Dior in Galerie Courbe held at Grand Palais in Paris and later restaged at the Museum of Contemporary Art, MoCA in Shanghai.


The iconic Miss Dior Chair was created for the occasion and subsequently redesigned into the Ribbon Chair, a design concept holding Zupanc’s unique philosophy:


“something deviously daring in this object of controlled prettiness”.


In the recent year, Zupanc presented exciting new objects with new internet-based plastic furniture brand Qeeboo, established by renown Italian designer Stefano Giovanonni. Zupanc also designed a collection, titled Take me to Miami, consisting of 6 brass objects, for new Italian brand Ghidini1961.



Slovenian的产品和室内设计师 Nika Zupanc 为设计和室内设计界带来充满诗意,出人意料的故事。她的产品和装置用直觉、不拘一格和亲密无间的声音来挑战理性、冷静和实用主义。



Image courtesy of Nika Zupanc


来自Slovenian的Nika Zupanc 2000年毕业于 Ljubljana 的 Academy of Fine Arts and Design。从那时起,Nika就一直在不断地推出设计作品以提高她的声誉。为荷兰品牌 Moooi 设计的 Lolita 台灯是她大受欢迎的作品之一。这一作品给她带来了良好的声誉,并为与其他杰出设计公司如Sé, Scarlet Splendour, Moroso 和 Nodus等合作打开了大门。在过去的几年里,Nika已经成为 Milan Design Week 最受关注的设计师之一。 除了她独立设计的产品,她的装置设计包括由 Rossana Orlandi 策划的 Love Me More也引人注目。2013年她还为 Esprit Dior 展览设计了 Room of One‘s Own,并为她家乡的 Ljubljana设计了 As Aperitivo 酒吧 – 这两个项目充分显示了她感性的设计。她还在她祖国获得了Elle ‘Woman of the Year’ 的殊荣。

Image courtesy of Nika Zupanc, Se Collection at Galleria Rossana Orlandi Milano

Nika Zupanc的设计灵感来源于前沿技术、材料和设计的可能性。


“我对使用具象征性的元素很感兴趣”——她在最近的采访中谈到 – “无论是材料,还是形式,甚至是某种颜色。” 我对这些元素拥有的本质感兴趣。”


Nika Zupanc 的灵感也来源于自己,她大胆有趣而富有魅力的设计创造了一种出人意料的独特风格。 她的设计打破了设计行业以男性为主的模式并重新展示了女性的美学。她的视觉语言来自于精心选择主题,并通过具有诗意的形式来挑战刻板的印象。作为一名独立设计师,她经常参与一些新项目,这些新项目是她对现代文化、当代设计和技术选择的独特诠释。

Video courtesy of Nika Zupanc for Miss DIOR


自2008年 Milan Design Week 以来,她一直受到设计界和媒体的密切关注,她将自己的作品描述为从“punk elegance” (Elle USA) 和“techno-chic” (BusinessWeek) 到“larger than life” (Clear magazine) 和 Zupanc “the real star” (The Wall Street Journal)。她的作品有一种戏剧性和Film Noir,让用户觉得自己像是好莱坞的演员。例如Nika为Sé设计的一组不同寻常,广受赞誉,以奥运和运动俱乐部为松散主题的系列,包括Trophy台灯和巧妙的Olympia梳妆台。这一系列在ICFF上获得了Editor’s Award for Best Furniture 奖,并被Dezeen、The Telegraph 和 The Luxury channel 评为2014年 Milano design week 上展示的最佳系列之一。




除了一长串备受赞誉的作品外,她的概念装置艺术也使她真正成为全球的声音。在 I Will Buy Flowers Myself (2009年),Gone with the Wind (2010),她展示的一系列被放大的娃娃屋里的作品成为Milan Design Week 的标志。2013年11月在巴黎的Grand Palais Galerie Courbe的 Esprit Dior展,作为 Miss Dior 展的一部分,Zupanc 展示了一个木制结构的阁楼:  A Room of One‘s Own,之后 A Room of One‘s Own 在上海当代艺术博物馆重新展出。标志性的Miss Dior Chair是为这展览设计的,随后被重新设计成 Ribbon Chair, 它显示着Zupanc 的设计理念”在被控制的漂亮中大胆的迂回”。


在最近的一年里,Zupanc展示了令人兴奋,由意大利设计师 Stefano Giovanonni 创建的网络塑料家具品牌Qeeboo的新产品。Zupanc还为意大利品牌Ghidini1961设计了名为“Take me to Miami”,由6个黄铜作品组成的系列。

Photos by Arthur Elgort, Paris apartment by Gérard Faivre

Image courtesy of Nika Zupanc, Chickalicious dessert bar Shanghai

Image courtesy of Nika Zupanc, Peacock accent chair, personal collection


Images courtesy of Nika Zupanc @ All rights reserved
Photos of Gérard Faivre Paris apartment by Arthur Elgort
Video courtesy of Nika Zupanc for Miss DIOR