Aadvertising duo turn into one of the most creative design studio, Alisée Matta and Giovanni Gennari, funded Nobody&co in 2005. The brand combines the excellence of the Made In Italy with an innovative and playful approach, with the ability of transcending design conventions without losing its function.


“Problems are always the best inspirations. Eighteen years ago we lived in a tiny flat full of books but with nowhere to sit. That same year we drew the first Bibliochaise: a cube to sit in with slots all around to put books in.”


Started as an advertising team back in 1994, the duo of Alisée Matta and Giovanni Gennari is a partnership of creative minds devoted to find unconventional creative solution to everyday problems. Partners in business and life, in 20015 Alisée Matta and Giovanni Gennari established their design studio in Milan. Nobody&co combines the excellence of the Made In Italy seal with a playful approach that transcends design conventions, without losing its function.


Nobody&co made its debut at the 2006 Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan (Milano Design Week) with their most acclaimed piece la Bibliochaise and the pop-art like Piola bookcase. From their fortunate launch, Nobody&co has been hosted among others at Spazio Rossana Orlandi and in selected galleries, exhibitions and fairs across Europe.

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Nobody&co is profoundly Made in Italy, the ultimate synonymous for quality and tradition, but with a plus: the personality and charm of a creative duo who believe that design should convey a positive and playful feeling, while being undeniably functional. A statement that can be seen through the 2009 Scroll Table, a unique by design piece, and an homage to the Italian artisanal tradition. A table with a sliding surface that can be manually activated using a detachable handle. With a simple movement the motives underneath the glass surface rotate, revealing astonishing new textures.


Scroll Table is also an homage to the Italian craftsman, working tirelessly behind the scene, while creating exquisite works of art, like a celestial demiurge, crafting the universe with his bare hands. Hand-printed patterns by internationally acclaimed textile designers, Timorous Beasties appear under the crystal top surface of the laser-cut and curved metal structure, creating unique atmospheres, at every rolls spin.



In the brand name hides the company soul. Like a white canvas ready to be lighten-up by colours and artistic purposes, the design of Alisée Matta and Giovanni Gennari is able to ignite a dialogue between the user, the piece and the object. Exemplified by the most iconic piece of Nobody&co collection, the Bibliochaise, it is a geometrical armchair bookcase, that dominates the space as a royal throne sitting on a realm of books. It is constructed as a 360 degree bookshelf, which can contain up to five linear metres of books. An clever object, with a majestic structure inviting the users to reclaim an eclectic and cultured lifestyle.


“The concept we want to express is that sitting by his favourite books is like sitting in the center of himself.” says the designers in an interview to the Italian magazine Icon Design.




For Nobody&co imagination and creativity runs in the family. Alisée’s father, Roberto Sebastián Antonio Matta was an esteemed Chilean architect and painter and one of the major protagonists of  Surrealism movement. The idea of Bibliochaise was conceived when the painter was still alive and as John remembers “The first sketch I made in 1998, and it was Sebastian Matta who suggested the name”. In May 2013, as a world premier in London for INTERIORS LDN 2013, Nobody&co presented the 24 carat Gold Bibliochaise. Made in durmast wood fully covered with 24carat gold leafs, the limited edition it a celebration of the brand international recognition and statement for design: transforming problems in opportunities, while glorifying the aesthetic uniqueness of an handcrafted piece.

AliséeMatta和Giovanni Gennari两个广告人于2005年出资成立Nobody&co,组成最有创意的设计工作室。该品牌将卓越的意大利制造与创新和有趣的设计结合在一起,超越创新的设计但仍保留其功能。


“问题总是最好的启发和灵感的来源。 十八年前我们住在一间满是书籍的小屋里,却无处可坐。 同年我们画的第一个Bibliochaise:一个立方体设计的椅子让你可以在四周的插槽位置放书。”

早在1994年作为创业阶段的广告团队,AliséeMatta和Giovanni Gennari的二人组合作致力于为日常问题找到非传统的创造性解决方案。商业和生活中的合作伙伴,在20015年AliséeMatta和Giovanni Gennari在米兰建立了他们的设计工作室。Nobody&co 将意大利制造的卓越品质与与创新和有趣的设计结合在一起,超越创新的设计但仍然保留其功能。Nobody&co在2006年米兰国际家具展(Salone Internazionale del Mobile)上首次亮相,其最受欢迎的作品是Bibliochaise和Piola书柜等流行艺术品。从他们幸运的首次亮相,Nobody&co已经参与了在Spazio Rossana Orlandi,以及在欧洲的一些画廊和展会上举办的展览。

nobody&co, nobody and co, nobodyandco


Nobody&co本身就是意大利制造的代名词,除了卓越品质和传统工艺,加上迷人有趣的个性:AliséeMatta和Giovanni Gennari相信,设计应该传达积极向上的创意和轻松活勃的个性及魅力,同时保持它的功能性。2009年设计独特的Scroll Table是表达对意大利传统手工的敬意。使用可拆卸手柄来启动可滑动表面的桌子。 在简单的玻璃旋转下露出惊人的新纹理和图案。Scroll Table也是表达对意大利工匠的敬意,不知疲倦地工作创造出精美的艺术作品,如celestial demiurge天体蜕变,赤手空拳创造的宇宙。由国际知名的纺织品设计师Timorous Beasties手工印制,出现在经过激光切割和弯曲金属结构的水晶表面下,每次卷轴的旋转都为您创造出独特的氛围。



品牌名称包含了公司的灵魂。 就像一块白色的帆布等待着画家用颜色来点燃灵魂的火焰,AliséeMatta和Giovanni Gennari的设计能够引发使用者与设计作品之间的对话。 以Nobody&Co最具代表性的Bibliochaise为例,Bibliochaise是一个几何式的扶手椅书柜,就如坐在书本世界的最高宝座上。 它360度的书架,最多可以容纳5米长的书本。 聪明的设计产品,雄伟的结构,让你享受不拘一格的文化和生活方式。


“我们想表达的概念是坐在你最喜欢的书上,就像是坐在自己最喜欢的世界中心一样。” 设计师在接受意大利杂志Icon Design的采访时表示。




Nobody&co的想象力和创造力来自于家庭。 Alisée的父亲Roberto Sebastián Antonio Matta是智利建筑师和画家,也是超现实主义运动的主要人物之一。Bibliochaise的想法是Alisée的父亲还在世的时候就有的,正如John记得的那样:“我在1998年画的第一张草图,还是Sebastian Matta建议的这个名字。2013年5月,Nobody&co 在伦敦的INTERIORS LDN 2013作为全球首次展出了24克拉的黄金Bibliochaise。这款限量版的作品采用纯24克拉的黄金薄片覆盖的durmast木制成,向世界陈述着他们的设计声明和国际认可,同时分享独特的审美和手工艺。

nobody&co, nobody and co, nobodyandco
nobody&co, nobody and co, nobodyandco
nobody&co, nobody and co, nobodyandco
nobody&co, nobody and co, nobodyandco
nobody&co, nobody and co, nobodyandco