Opinion Ciatti is an Italian brand based in Florence, managed by the Ciatti family since 1950: three generations later, their business continues to evolve. A young and dynamic company creating objects that are always intense and expressive, revealing a non-dogmatic type of research and a passion for design skills. Combining quality and family tradition, memory and modernity, roots and vision. The past is seen as a mean to lead the future.


“A design object should always tell a story… make you smile, make you excite, without forgetting to be functional. Innovative but with roots coming from afar, only this way it will last in time.”

Image courtesy of Opinion Ciatti, Lapo Ciatti


Opinion Ciatti history begins in 1950 when the founder Rolando Ciatti become the first manufacturer to introduce TV benches to Italian households. In line with the family tradition, in 1984 Flavia Ciatti and Gianni Pareschi, the company’s art directors, presents Ciatti a Tavola at the Milan Furniture Fair. It was a collection which confidently breezed into homes materials (steel above all) and concepts that until then were exclusively used for collective and industrial spaces. Fast forward to 2006, the new artistic director of Bruno Rainaldi, wins the prestigious “Compasso d’Oro” award for the self standing bookshelf Ptolomeo becoming the company’s best-selling item and an icon of contemporary design.


“A new story never begins from zero – its roots always stretch far back and it starts to take shape even before the story looks like a story. This story.”


In 2006 the third generation of Ciatti joins the company and Lapo Ciatti becomes the head of the company thanks to this entrepreneurial spirit and an education in Industrial Design. While confirming Bruno Rainaldi as the brand art director, Lapo feels the need to give a new name to the company: Opinion Ciatti replaces the former CCR. Opinion Ciatti as a very personal opinion on design.

Image courtesy of Opinion Ciatti


More than 300 finishes and materials, a fusion of tradition, industrial processes and skilled labour, coupled with a wide choice of product variants. These are the main features of Opinion Ciatti today, roots as the privileged source of inspiration.


The core knowledge in metal craftsmanship it is now elevated to artistic expression and excellence in design. From 2014 onwards the company started to focus on custom-tailored solutions and fully customisable design. Metals turn into very special finishes and precious leaves to “dress” lamps, chairs and tables, to make a reality of what the mind has only imagined. Opinion Ciatti is the made in Italy in its full expression: know-how and artistic expression as a family tradition.


Image courtesy of Opinion Ciatti


The objects are intense and expressive, they recount a non-dogmatic quest and passion for design skills, features of a company matching quality with a long family manufacturing tradition. Memory and contemporaneity, roots and vision, looking to the past to envision the future: these are the keywords for Opinion Ciatti mindset. In 2016, Opinion Ciatti in collaboration with Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman designed and realised for the first time bespoke furniture for lounges and suites. Unique pieces and new editions exclusively conceived for the first floating hotel on the river Seine. A project made on the occasion of the opening of the OFF Paris Seine Hotel which eventually resulted in a long-term collaboration between Galante&Lancman’s Interware design brand and Opinion Ciatti.





The collaboration with Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman resulted in the unique project “La Chambre Surréaliste”, a room which is a tribute to the dream and to all its suggestions made to celebrate the tenth anniversary for AD Interieurs France in 2017. A bedroom – because it is when sleeping that our travels in the unconscious come alive – where the creations of  Opinion Ciatti find their location. Illetto and Lapanca by Lapo Ciatti, the console version of Gagà by Maurizio Galante, but even the news of  Waves (a table) and catinthebox collections (Bergere and Pouf). Indeed, Opinion Ciatti’ projects and objects are unique and distinctive, dearing and functional. Modifiable and modular pieces of furniture as well as one-of-a-kind items with a very strong presence: metaphors of a modern, free and adaptable lifestyle. Every product has its own identity, its own source of inspiration, its own history.

部位于佛罗伦萨的Opinion Ciatti是意大利品牌,自1950年起就由Ciatti家族管理,三代人之后,家族生意始终继续发展着。 这个年轻而充满活力的公司,创造出强烈而富有表现力的产品,展示非教条的研究和对设计技能的热情,将质量与家庭传统、记忆与现代性、根源与远景结合,让过去引导着未来的方向。



Image courtesy of Opinion Ciatti, Lapo Ciattii

Opinion Ciatti 的历史始于1950年,创始人Rolando Ciatti 成为第一位将电视长椅引入意大利家庭的制造商。与家族传统保持一致,在1984年该公司的艺术总监Flavia Ciatti 和 Gianni Pareschi 在米兰的 Milan Furniture Fair 上展示了Ciatti a Tavola。它充满信心的进入了家居材料(特别是钢铁)市场和传统上被用于工业空间概念的设计系列。快进到2006年,Bruno Rainaldi 的新艺术总监以 “Ptolomeo” 自立书架赢得了著名的 “Compasso d’Oro” 奖项,它是 Bruno Rainaldi 最畅销的产品,也成为了 当代设计的典范。


“一个新的故事永远不是从零开始 – 它的根源总是延伸到很远,甚至在故事开始之前,它就已经成形了。这就是我们的故事。”


2006年第三代 Ciatti 加入公司,Lapo Ciatti 成为公司的负责人,这得益于他的创业精神和工业设计的教育背景。在Bruno Rainaldi被确认为品牌艺术总监的同时,Lapo认为需要给公司一个新的名字:“Opinion Ciatti “取代了之前的CCR。Opinion Ciatti代表它是非常个人化的设计品牌。

Image courtesy of Opinion Ciatti


超过300件的成品和材料,融合了传统,工业加工和技术工人,加上广泛的产品选择,这些都是今天Ciatti的主要特点。根基是灵感的来源。金属工艺的核心知识被提升到艺术表达和卓越的设计。从2014年开始,Opinion Ciatti 开始专注于独家定制的设计。金属变成非常特殊的成品和珍贵的”树叶“用来装饰灯具,椅子和桌子,实现心灵的梦想。技术和艺术表现是 Opinion Ciatti 的传统,也是意大利制造的完美表达。

Image courtesy of Opinion Ciatti


这些设计是强烈而富有表现力的,它们讲述非独断的追求和对设计技巧的激情,以及将质量与长期的家族制造传统相匹配的特点。记忆与当代的,根基与远见,回意过去,展望未来,这就是Opinion Ciatti思维的关键。2016年,Ciatti与Maurizio Galante和Tal Lancman合作,设计并制作了首次为休息室和套房定制的家具。独特的作品和新的系列,专为塞纳河上的第一家水上酒店而设计。巴黎 OFF Paris Seine Hotel 开幕时的项目最终促成了Galante 与 Lancman 的 Interware 设计品牌与 Opinion Ciatti 之间的长期合作。




与 Maurizio Galante 和 Tal Lancman 的合作导致了独特的 “La chambre surréaliste” 项目,这是对梦想的致敬,也是对2017年法国 AD Interieurs 十周年纪念的献礼。卧室 – 因为睡眠中我们的无意识活跃起来 – 在那里 Opinion Ciatti 找到自己的位置。由 Lapo Ciatti 设计的“Illetto” 和 ”Lapanca“ , Maurizio Galante的 “Gaga” 边桌,但即使是关于 Waves (桌子) 的消息和 catinthebox (Bergere and Pouf) 系列,事实上,Opinion Ciatti 的项目和产品都是独特、别出一格、令人喜爱和具功能性的。可组装、模式化的家具,以及独一无二的产品都有着非常强大的存在性:象征着现代,自由,舒适的生活方式。每种产品都有自己的身份,它的灵感来源和它的历史。

Image courtesy of Opinion Ciatti

Image courtesy of Opinion Ciatti

Image courtesy of Opinion Ciatti

Affluency Unique by Design, Opinion Ciatti

Images courtesy of Opinion Ciatti, WAVES by Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman

Photo by Claire Israel, “La Chambre Surrealiste”, installation by Galante & Lancman for AD Interiors 2017