Artistic master craftsmen in wrought-iron since 1880, the Pouenat workshops have been historically set up in Moulins in the Allier central region of France. With extraordinary craftsmanship and unique design, Pouenat today is quintessential of French artisanal know-how and tradition.


“Wrought iron craftsmen and creators of art, the Pouenat workshops combine excellence and rare expertise to offer upmarket services and creations”


Artistic craftsmen in wrought-iron, the Pouenat studios were established in Moulins, France in 1880. Jacques Rayet became President of Pouenat in 1995, marking an important turning point for the company. Already creating their own signature works in the studios, under Jacques Rayet, Pouenat started to collaborate with some of the top Designers and Architects in Europe to edit and manufacture unique pieces, limited editions, bespoke lighting and furniture.


This new direction and unique vision led the company to today’s success and international recognition. In 2009, the “Living Heritage Company” (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, or EPV), awarded by the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment confirmed the excellence and uniqueness of Pouenat knowledge and its legacy in metal manufacturing.


Pouenat specializes in working with hard metals such as steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, copper and bronze, integrating them with different exquisite materials such as glass, wood, ceramics, stone, staff and fabrics. An expert and unique service dedicated to architects and designers so they can effectively realise their interior design and arrangement projects. Pouenat works according to the clients’ drawings and 3D models, giving shape to designers’ concepts and ideas. Today Pouenat employs twenty-five, skilled craftsmen and collaborators, still in Moulins.


Interior as well as exterior design. Classic or contemporary style. Pouenat is nowadays one of the very few “artistic” producers in the profession of the iron craft. Today, Pouenat is the quintessential of made-to-measure, bespoke and unique pieces for private residences in France and abroad, and for luxury hotels like the Plaza Athénée, the Meurice, the Hotel Thoumieux or the Balmain and Dior boutiques in Paris.


“At Pouenat, metal is our passion – transformed, patinated, gilded. We team up with top interior architects in order to create their most spontaneous ideas which result in elegant architecture, and one-of-a-kind lighting and furniture. Metal becomes a work of art, a pure creation” says Jacques Rayet, President of Pouenat.




To celebrate the new artistic direction of the metal manufacturer, Pouenat gallery was open in Paris to exhibit the latest Maison’s collection of art and design. The gallery, situated in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés, confirms Pouenat philosophy, offering its technological expertise to enable the creators to showcase their talent. A space catered to an exclusive clientele, allows the professionals to show their clients the different products and techniques that Pouenat develops on request. Bespoke and limited pieces hallmarked with the Pouenat legacy in metalworking.

1880年以来,炼铁的艺术大师和工匠们在法国的Allier 中部地区Moulins建立了“Pouenat”工作室。拥有非凡的工艺和独特的设计,今天的Pouenat聚集着法国手工技艺和传统的精髓。




Jacques Rayet于1995年成为Pouenat的公司总裁,它标志着该公司的一个重要转折点。在Jacques Rayet的带领下,工作室开始与欧洲的顶级设计师和建筑师合作,创作和制造了独特的具有标志性的限量版、定制的照明和家具作品。这一新的方向和独特的视野使公司获得了今天国际上的认可和成功。2009年,由法国经济、工业和就业部门颁发的“生活遗产奖”(简称EPV)证实了Pouenat知识财富及其在金属制造领域的独特性和卓越贡献。






内部或外部设计,古典还是现代,Pouenat都是当今世界上为数不多的钢铁工艺生产商。 如今,Pouenat是法国和海外私人住宅的量身定制和独特定制家具以及豪华酒店,如Plaza Athenee、Meurice酒店、Thoumieux酒店、巴黎的Balmain和Dior精品店的首选钢铁工艺生产商。


Pouenat的总裁Jacques Rayet说“在Pouenat,金属展示着我们的激情——转换,补贴,镀金。”我们与顶级的室内设计师合作,创造出他们最自然的想法,其结果是优雅的建筑,以及独一无二的照明和家具。“金属变成了具有最纯粹创意的艺术品”。





他对大理石、瓷器、木材、钢铁、软木等等材料特性的热爱,使他有机会在欧洲与一些顶级奢侈品牌合作,比如Munna, Roche-Bobois, Christofle, Art-on-Chairs, Tools Galerie 和Corque为了庆祝金属制造新的艺术方向,Pouenat画廊在巴黎展出了最新的Maison艺术和设计收藏。画廊位于Saint Germain des Pres的心脏地带,证实了Pouenat的精神,提供技术专长,使创作者能够展示他们的才华。画廊也是专门迎合客户的空间,使专家向他们的客户展示Pouenat开发的不同产品和技术。这些定制的和限量作品,标志和展示着Pouenat 在金属加工领域的宝贵遗产。