Privatiselectionem has a belief in architectural and interior design which has naturally developed into the field of product design. Their platform is based on an abundance of contemporary textures and technologies that derive from a transfor-mative construction of study, progress and appreciation of a design aesthetic which has spanned the centuries.



It seems clear and lucid – design driven away from the dernier cri, a monastic study for the genesis of our ideas – striving and sparing no effort or time in aiming for the final result, prepared to embody the most unimaginable design in physical form.

Work and Design

Traversing architecture, reminiscent of fine art and diving deep into the time-honored knowledge of craftsmanship, of the old and nearly forgotten mastery of our predecessors, they hope to audaciously mix that treasure with the latest achievements of humanity.


The rationale behind a market oversaturated with the need for mass-produced materials, manufactured in millions of square feet, has led the team at Privatiselectionem to focus on expanding their knowledge and skills in giving life to an extraordinary design incarnated in lucid-dream materials.

The denouement of consciously selected high-grade natural materials is an entirely human final touch to their creations, that are ultimately born to be relished, appreciated, and continuously explored by human senses throughout time and space.


”Each of their pieces should be perceived as a dear, long-term companion rather than an object of functional art. Touched by human heart and hands, their items become reinvigorated with a timeless soul and everlasting felicity.”

Conducted to 

Their products are intended for aficionados with sympathy for the non-ordinary and non-clichéd object. As well as for the collectors and professionals who, through the generations, have become accustomed to high standards, genuine luxury, and individuality in the spaces they inhabit and who will steward extraordinary designs for their successors.

Let us call them tightrope walkers. Each step is making headway along the rope and each stride is a victory over the depths of profanity, driven by an easy win in painless and money-spinning games in the land of basic and digestible voguish design. Why should it be thorny when it can be painless, why try to grow support if there is an existing army of disciples out there, why not take the easy road, instead of paving the way? The irrational, that is only sensed and pursued by the like-minded, scavenging for the unconventional sensuality of pristine and electrifying beauty.

Their vision 

Re-engage and diversify customer’s expectations for new, mind-changing revelations, compared with familiar designers and products on the market – this is their vision and potential course of action for nurturing a client’s interest and the creation of a new point of view of aesthetics in the field.

Tailor made

Each one of their pieces and projects is tailor-made to their customers’ needs. From the overall design to the most delicate nuance of the material texture and hue. Their claim to the originality of the finishes and materials that they create stems from their extensive research and attention which they pour into the design and production of every detail, as well as in the rare skills and expertise of each of the members of their team.


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