Riluc is a company shining through modern times. Now known for its signature design, the Portuguese brand reflects 30+ years of experience in the furniture manufacturing.


“Something that didn’t exist in the global market, capable of arousing curiosity and calling attention to the quality of work we have been producing for decades”


Started as a family-owned business in 1986, Riluc is like a fine wine, improving with age. From the extreme quality of fabrication and traditional craftsmanship in the art of metal sculpture, in 2008 under the artistic direction of designer Toni Grilo, the company started its era of reinvention. From the outskirts of Porto, the Portuguese city also known for the smoothly sweet wine, Riluc is now an international reference for high-end design.


riluc, engineered furniture


Stainless steel, titanium nitride, marble. Toughness, resistance and firmness. Industrial materials masterfully crafted into lightweight, glimmery objet d’art. Riluc formula is rooted in traditions and know-how. Skilled craftsmanship, cutting edge design and technological research result in world-class handcrafted wonders that last a lifetime. The mastery surfaces in every piece of Riluc furniture design collection. Like the Vibe Table, an hypnotic structure resulting from a processing techniques unique to Riluc, where the hard and inert titanium nitrided is shaped into smooth circular surfaces. Through this highly engineered process of titanium coating, the material is sculptured into three different heights tabletops.


The illusionary contrasting shades of gold, copper, brass and chocolate appearance is also a result from the engineered process. The soft looking Many Worlds Sofa, on the other hand, is quintessential of Riluc reinvigorated identity. A limited edition developed forging the stainless steel’s iron-based alloys into the soft contours of the bubbly sofa. Both master pieces hold the signature of designer Toni Grilo.


riluc, engineered furniture


In 2008 Riluc brought on board the Franco-Portuguese designer Toni Grilo, to scale the family-owned company to its new era. Under his artistic direction, Riluc commitment to genuine craftsmanship climax in 2009, when the iconic Bibendum chair by Toni Grilo was first released. The mirror finishing of Bibendum chair is a tongue-in-cheek limited piece setting the tone for the brand reinvigorated vision.


From 2009 to date, the sensational design has been showcased around the globe and acknowledged for writing furniture-making history with sophistication and character. The brand has been also exhibit at Maison & Objet, in Paris – the major French trade fair for interior design – and has also been described as one of the ten most promising companies in the furniture sector by the American “Details Magazine”. Thanks to the visionary artistic direction Toni Grilo, Riluc is now renewed for luxury and avant-garde design worldwide.





“From a stylistic point of view, we had to create something new to not fall back into the already seen tubular style. I thought to minimize my expression with a sculptural dimension” recalls Toni Grilo.


Riluc handcrafted products represent the perfect marriage between artistic vision, know-how and technical research. Materials are shaped under the legacy of a brand that was able to reinvent the art of hand crafted design. Marble, stainless steel, titanium. Timeless materials shaped under the wise hands of the craftsmen to become ductile textures. Looking at the elegance the marble table Fenda material are majestically woven together. The result is a sophisticated combination of tones drawing intriguing encounters of materials with stainless steel legs carved into unique marble plates. Riluc signature mixture of materials and alloys results in inimitable artistic impressions. Every object of Riluc collection sums the new artistic vision under Toni Grilo direction.


A brand where industrial materials are blended together in soft harmony to overcome the original stiffness of the matter. Limited editions to celebrate the unique encounter of extraordinary craftsmanship, artistic vision and timeless materials.  Enduring and transforming over time, Riluc design is a bold statement of commitment and artistic direction. When knowledge is routed, industrial materials can be shaped into fluid textures shining through generations.





Riluc 始于1986年, 像优质葡萄酒一样,Riluc随着年龄的增长而更加卓越。2008年在设计师Toni Grilo的带领下Riluc开始了金属雕塑的极端品质和传统工艺再创造的时代。公司位于以甜美葡萄酒而闻名于世的葡萄牙波尔图郊区,Riluc现已成为国际高端设计的代名词。

riluc, engineered furniture


Riluc的成功植根于传统工艺和技术诀窍,把不锈钢,氮化钛,大理石 这样坚韧,高硬度和具抵抗性的工业材料制作成精美轻巧,闪闪发光的艺术品。精湛的工艺,尖端的设计和技术的研究开发,使它的作品成为能伴你一生的工艺奇迹 。在所有的Riluc家具设计系列中, 像Vibe桌一样,Riluc独特的技术把坚硬的钛氮化钛塑造成迷人的柔软圆滑的表面。
通过这种高水平的钛涂层工艺,将材料雕刻成三种不同的高度。黄金、铜、黄铜和 巧克力色的外观的幻化及对比也是工艺处理的结果。柔软的Many Worlds Sofa是Riluc复兴的精髓。
限量版的产品将不锈钢的铁基合金锻造成泡泡沙发的柔软轮廓。两个产品都有设计师Toni Grilo的签名。

riluc, engineered furniture


2008年,Riluc聘请了法裔葡萄牙设计师托尼·格里洛(Toni Grilo),将家族生意扩大到新的规模。在他的艺术指导下,Riluc于2009年实现真正的手工艺术设计的高潮,首次推出了托尼·格里洛(Toni Grilo)具代表性的Bibendum座椅 。Bibendum椅的镜面装饰是一件轻松有趣的限量设计,它为品牌的复兴奠定了基调。从2009年到现在,这种打破传统的设计已经在全球范围内展出,并在家具设计的历史上留下来了一笔。
该品牌还在巴黎的Maison&Objet展会上展出,这是法国主要的室内设计展览会,也被美国“Details Magazine”描述为家具行业十大最有前途的公司之一。 由于有Toni Grilo的远见和艺术方向,Riluc现在被视为全球豪华和前卫的设计品牌的代言人。





Toni Grilo回忆道“从风格的角度来看,我们必须有新的创意,而不是回到过去的格式。我想用雕塑的形式来集中表达我的想法” 。



Riluc的作品代表了艺术视觉、技术和技术研究的完美结合。各种工业材料设计的作品符合Riluc品牌的定位。 Riluc工匠的智慧之手把大理石、不锈钢、钛等工业材料塑造出有韧性的纹理,好像优雅的Fenda大理石桌,把材料完美地交织在一起。其独特的设计使不锈钢的桌腿精致的融入大理石桌板。 Riluc独特的合金材料混合原创的设计技术 使其产生了不可模仿的艺术印象。 Riluc每一件的收藏作品都概括了 Toni Gril的创意精粹,把僵硬的工业材料于柔和设计完美的结合在一起。随着时间的推移,Riluc前卫的设计承诺将把工业材料塑造成流动的质感的技术代代传递下去。