Headquartered in London and fabricated across Europe to the highest standards, Sé Collections manufacturers furniture and lightings of the highest quality with a 1920s or 1950s flair.


“Timeless design with a delicate finishing and uplifting colours, aiming to become tomorrow’s heirlooms.”

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When Sé Collections began in 2007 in London, director and founder Pavlo Schtakleff had a goal – to reclaim the glamour and quality of 20th-century furniture and to become a dynamic and innovative presence in the world of contemporary luxury design. Sé’s debut collection, created by the celebrated French designer Damien Langlois-Meurinne, captured the tone perfectly. Glamorous, lyrical, strong and sculptural – and with a tantalising echo of the furniture of the 1920s and 50s – it chimed perfectly with Sé’s aesthetic mandate. With its most recent collection emphasising colours and customization, Se’ luxury design is becoming a reference for timeless quality with an attractive retro’ glamour.


As Schtakleff shared with blogger Christiane Bürklein of Floornature “It’s natural for me to select colours which complement the timeless, curved forms of the furniture; likewise, they have to be classic, elegant and inviting.”

se collection, colours and glamour for a timeless design


Sé’s vision was to invite some of the world’s best design talent to produce collections, akin to an art gallery or a couture house, the ultimate objective is to build a catalogue of highly-crafted and beautifully-finished objects, made of the finest, noble materials, by the best craftspeople in Europe. As the visionary entrepreneur behind the brand, Pavlo Schtakleff is committed to working with the finest European manufacturers, to bring a traditional know-how to new markets. Se’ collaborates with small workshops and family run manufacturers to explore new artisanal techniques that can make a piece furniture lasting over generations. A professional and emotional investment that paid off in recognition and respect over a highly competitive global market.


“The relationships we have with a new generation of passionate, highly skilled European producers are absolutely key. Working alongside them to bring a piece of Sé furniture to life is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job”



Under Sé’s stewardship, each designer brings their own sensibility and character, while harnessing a personality, polish and sheer sense of finish that is undeniably Sé. Since its beginnings, this purely European design brand has stayed true to its founding ethos and to date, Sé has created three editions from the French designer Damien Langlois-Meurinne, the Spanish-born Jaime Hayon and Slovenia-based Nika Zupanc, all of which have been highly acclaimed. All Sé pieces excite for the combination of materials, texture and colour. As the brand philosophy, Sé finishing are made to be customisable to meet global different tastes and preferences, with a core look that keeps consistency with Se’ DNA.


“if you can use your imagination you can create something very unique and unusual, you just have to be brave—be comfortable with colors and be comfortable using colors” shared Schtakleff with journalist Ali Morris.




In curating the latest Sé collection Pavlo Schtakleff draws inspiration from painting masters of Giotto and Masaccio. Moved by the revolutionary colours techniques used in during the Italian early Renaissance, Schtakleff selects a soothing colour palette that conveys feelings of peacefulness and delights. A curatorship that results in the unique design which is sensual, tactile and cerebral, inviting the gaze and the touch as well as engaging the mind. Colours as souls of furniture that are made to last a lifetime, Sé conveys a holistic approach towards sustainability in luxury design. From reviving the European traditional craftsmanship to working with furniture that is able to transform according to the combinations of colours and materials, Se’ Collections bring a classy look to every space, from outdoors to interiors.




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当Sé系列于2007年在伦敦开业时,总监和创始人Pavlo Schtakleff 的目标只有一个 – 就是再现20世纪家具的质量和魅力并成为当代设计界一个充满活力和创新的品牌。由法国著名设计师Damien langlois – meurinne为Sé系列创作的第一系列,完美地捕捉到了这种精神。它迷人、抒情和具有强烈雕塑感 -以重温20年代和30年代家具的魅力 - 这与Sé系列的审美完美地融为一体。随着最新Sé系列对色彩和私人定制的强调,奢华设计”成为了Sé系列具有迷人复古魅力的永恒品质。


正如Schtakleff与Bürklein of Floornature的博客Christiane所分享的,“我选择颜色是以补充家具永恒,弯曲形式很自然的一部分;同样它们必须是经典、优雅和诱人的。”

se collection, colours and glamour for a timeless design


Sé的最终目标是如画廊或高级定制时装一样,邀请世界最优秀的设计人才来生产收藏系列,来建立由欧洲由最好的手工艺人制作,用最好、最高贵的材料制成的精美收藏系列。作为一个有远见的企业家,Pavlo Schtakleff致力于与最优秀的欧洲制造商合作将传统的工艺技术带入新市场。Sé与小型作坊和家庭企业合作探索新的工艺技术,使家具能够世代相传。这种专业和情感上的投资,在竞争激烈的全球市场上获得认可和尊重。





在Sé’的带领下,每个设计师将自己的情感和性格完美的融入在每一件Sé的作品之中。自成立以来这个纯欧洲设计品牌一直忠实于它的创始精神,迄今为止,Sé’ 已经创建了三组来自法国设计师 Damien Langlois-Meurinne、西班牙出生的Jaime Hayon和斯洛文尼亚的Nika Zupanc系列,并都得到高度的赞誉。所有Sé系列的作品都充满着对材料、质感和色彩的激情。作为品牌理念,Sé的精美定制是为了满足和适应全球不同的口味和喜好,但它的核心外观与Sé的DNA完全一致。


Schtakleff与记者Ali Morris分享时说“如果你能运用想象力,你就能创造出非常独特和与众不同的作品,你只需勇敢地面对颜色,就能舒服地使用颜色。”




Sé系列的最新创作,Pavlo Schtakleff从Giotto和Masaccio的绘画大师那里获得了灵感。受意大利早期文艺复兴时期色彩手法的影响,Schtakleff选择舒缓的色彩,传达出平静和喜悦的感觉。这种感性,诱人的,吸引你的目光的独特设计,让你久久不能忘怀。色彩作为家具一生的灵魂,Sé传达着奢侈品设计整体的可持续性。从欧洲复兴的传统工艺,到与能够根据颜色和材料的组合而改变的家具,Sé的收藏让所有的空间,从户外到室内都有优雅的外观。人们对每一件Sé的永恒设计,曲线的美感和轻松好玩的精神,以其突出的个性、轮廓的雕刻和感官的吸引而着迷。

se collection, colours and glamour for a timeless design
se collection, colours and glamour for a timeless design
se collection, colours and glamour for a timeless design
se collection, colours and glamour for a timeless design
se collection, colours and glamour for a timeless design