From his Parisian studio, the interior architect and designer Tristan Auer creates eclectic compositions with an approach close to the designers of the 20th century. An undisputed reference for French luxury design, he navigates between periods, from baroque to contemporary, and do tailor-made as a tailor.


“I like to get carried away in adventures and be close to my clients. The ideal is to ensure that the design and decoration soften their lives.

Image courtesy of Tristan Auer


A forerunner of contemporary luxury interiors in France, Tristan Auer started his career by graduating from ESAG Penninghen in 1996, the school of art direction and interior architecture in Paris. As his first steps in the design realm, he worked with icons Christian Liaigre and Philippe Starck before opening his studio ‘izeu’ in 2002. His studio specialises in ultra-high-end projects: from bespoke furniture, luxury hotels, showrooms and to super car tailoring, he treats all his projects as unparalleled adventures:


“all my projects are different because all my clients are different”.


Recipient of the Maison et Objet Designer Of The Year in 2017 Tristan Auer boasts also a long list of prestigious collaborations with luxury brands for re-designing their showrooms such as among others: the Chanel showroom and Coco Chanel’s apartments in 2002, Nina Ricci showroom in 2004 and Cartier at the Biennale des Antiquaires.


Image courtesy of Tristan Auer, Hotel du Louvre Paris


Tristan Auer is a polyhedral designer looking at his profession as the one of a chef or a musician, whose making comes out from mastering harmoniously the variety of tools and techniques unique to every craft. For Tristan Auer, his tools are trusted and knowledgeable people, whose work shines through in his drawings and projects. A core team of 15 people working in his Parisian studio, together with local upholsterers, craftspeople are the secret ingredient behind Tristan Auer’s wonders.


“My drawings alone are insufficient to create interesting an object. It’s the meeting of a craftsperson or an artist, the synergy of both these talents that create results above and beyond what I could have imagined on my own”.


A teamwork resulting in stunning collaborations with some of the most sought after luxury design brands such as Christophe Delcourt, Contardi, Holly Hunt, Ozone,  Pouenat, Taillardat and Veronese.

Image courtesy of Paris Picture Club for Tristan Auer featuring Oscar Niemeyer Zero Gravity Chair


His high-end decorations and design are meant to soften the lives, to create welcoming cocoons where one can rest and recharge, while being surrounded by beautiful objects and furniture with a 1920 flair. As Tristan Auer pointed out in a recent interview for  Maison et Objet:


“I always try to be slightly irreverent towards what is considered to be “well-suited” and to have something that is subversively chic behind my productions and what I like showing. I want the space to shake things up at some point. I want people to see the oddities. And so all these off-kilter details contribute to the atmosphere of the space everything that ultimately is not seen but rather felt.”




In his sense of light and staging he has been involved in the interior decorations and design of unique hotel destination such as dreamlike Cotton House on Mustique Island, and the transformation of the legendary Parisian nightclub Les Bains Douche into a luxurious rock hotel, for which he also won the  “Special prize Interior”  for Prix Versaille 2016. Among his credits into hospitality, Auer was also involved in the stunning renovation of the Hotel de Crillon in Paris, as one of the 4 selected designers to give new life to the icon of French style. Together with Chahan Minassian, Cyril Vergniol and Karl Lagerfeld, Auer unique style contributed in recreating the timeless fascination of this 18th-century jewel mansion.



计师和室内建筑师 Tristan Auer 在他巴黎的工作室里创造了不拘一格,接近于20世纪设计师们的风格。作为法国豪华设计无可争议的权威,从巴洛克时期到现代,他游走在不同时期的风格之间,如经验丰富的裁缝师,剪裁出独具特色的设计作品。



Image courtesy of Tristan Auer

作为法国当代豪华装饰的先驱,Tristan Auer 在巴黎的 ESAG Penninghen 学习艺术方向和室内建筑,1996年毕业后开始了他的职业生涯。他迈入设计领域的第一步是与他的偶像Christian Liaigre 和 Philippe Starck 合作,之后于2002年开设他的工作室“izeu”。工作室专门从事超豪华项目: 从定制家具,豪华酒店到展厅,再到超级跑车,他把所有的项目都视为独一无二的冒险经验:


“我所有的项目都很特别,因为我的客户是不同的” 。


Tristan Auer 作为2017年 Maison et Objet Designer Of The Year 的获奖者,也和许多著名的奢侈品牌合作,比如2002年重新设计 Chanel 的陈列室和 Coco Chanel 的公寓,2004年 Nina Ricci 的陈列室,以及2012年 Cartier 于 Biennale des Antiquaires的展厅。

Image courtesy of Tristan Auer, Hotel du Louvre Paris


Tristan Auer 是一位全面的设计师,他认为自己的职业就像厨师或音乐家一样,通过熟练掌握各种工具和技术来创造和谐与独一无二的作品。对Tristan Auer来说,他的工具就是他能信任的,知识渊博的专家们,他的设计通过这些专家们的工作闪耀着光芒。他巴黎工作室由15人组成的核心团队与当地的工匠们紧密合作,这就是Tristan Auer 成功背后的秘密。“仅仅由我的设计图纸是不足以创造出有趣的作品的,它需要工匠和艺术家的天赋和共同努力来创造出我希望达到的结果。Tristan Auer与最豪华奢侈,众人追捧的品牌如:Christophe Delcourt, Contardi, Holly Hunt, Ozone,Pouenat, Taillardat 和 Veronese 合作的结果令人惊叹。

Image courtesy of Paris Picture Club for Tristan Auer featuring Oscar Niemeyer Zero Gravity Chair

他的豪华装饰和设计是为缓解生活压力,创建一个拥有1920风格,被美丽装饰和优雅家具所环绕的休息空间。正如 Tristan Auer 在最近一次 Maison et Objet 的采访中指出的那样:“我对那些被认为是“非常适合”的东西总是不太肯定,并且我喜欢在我的作品中注入一些具有动摇性的精致细节。我希望我设计的空间能动摇人们的一些观念,让他们看到奇怪的东西。因此,所有这些不协调的细节都有助于建立空间的氛围,使人们最终忘记他们所看到的,从而把注意力集中在感觉上。




他对灯光和舞台的触感充分表现在他参与的室内装饰和设计 Mustique Island 梦幻般的Cotton House 酒店,以及将巴黎传奇的 Les Bains Douche 夜总会改造成豪华摇滚酒店,同时他还赢得了2016年 Prix Versaille 大奖赛的“Special prize Interior”奖。在他所有的酒店项目中,Auer 还参与了巴黎令人惊叹的 Hotel de Crillon 的翻修,作为4名包括 Chahan Minassian, Cyril Vergniol 和 Karl Lagerfeld入选之一的设计师,Tristan Auer 独特的风格,为重塑这座法国18世纪具象征性的珠宝豪宅赋予了永恒的魅力。

Photo by Yann Deret, Saint Cloud Residence by Tristan Auer

Image courtesy of Tristan Auer

Photo by Amaury Laparra, tailor made luxury cars interiors and accessories

Image courtesy of Tristan Auer, Hotel de Crillon, Men’s grooming and hair salon

Image courtesy of Tristan Auer, Cartier at Biennale des Antiquaires


Images courtesy of Tristan Auer @ All rights reserved

Photos by Tristan Auer, Yann Deret, Amaury Laparra

Rendering courtesy of Paris Picture Club