Like a modern Marco Polo discovering metropolis by admiring their unique morphology, Urban Fabric rugs provides a signature visual depth of some of the most world’s iconic cities. A luxurious bespoke design with hand-knotted silk and 100% NZ virgin wool texture.


“We recognize that each city has its own unique urban form. Like a human fingerprint; each city is its own, there are no two cities exactly alike. As result each rug design is unique and one of a kind”


A bird’s eye models of cities to reveal what is impalpable from the ground. These bespoke rugs by Urban Fabric are a love letter to each city’s unique identity. Urban patterns that expose the intangible beauty of the chaotic modern city, fixing in time and wool their relentless developing pace.


Among the 18 cities hand carved in soft textures, the one dedicated to the Forbidden City in Beijing has joined in 2014 the permanent collection of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The rug dedicated to the 180-acre imperial palace emphasizes the elaborate perfection of this city. Swiping the fingers over the symmetries of this iconic rug one can discover the inner rhythm this exceptional city. Based on a model universe with the emperor at centre, the Forbidden City Urban Fabric rug is a homage to one the earliest example of urban planning guided by yin-yang principles.

urban fabric, luxury grade rugs


As one of the most ancient craft, the technique behind the making of Urban Fabric rugs combines the most recent technology with tradition and know-how. The 3D quality looking pleasant texture is the result of highly specialised weavers hand crafting pure silk and 100% New Zealand virgin wool to provide the characteristic soft to the touch sheen finishing.


The machine-tufted New Zealand wool and the hand-knotted silk are processed in ecologically sound in-house dyeing facilities providing maximum colour and quality control. The making of Urban Fabric rugs is also a guarantee for environmentally sustainable production with facilities following the highest international standards while maintaining strict socially sustainable hiring practices.



These unique art pieces started to collect international resonance since the early days when the co-founders Andrei Zerebecky and Lukasz Kos were recognized as the “40 Under 40: Design Stars of Tomorrow” by Perspective Magazine, after just one year from the opening of the Shanghai-based studio. The unique layout of Urban Fabric rugs joined immediately the collectable design realm when World Interior News and the Saatchi Gallery in London shortlisted them as one of the top five products of 2013.


The same year, the World Architecture News listed these handcrafted wool and silk wonders as one of their Best of 2013 under its Product Design Category while a few years later AZURE Magazine listed them as a finalist for their AZ Design Awards. As the list of international recognitions goes on, these luxurious contemporary maps are decorating homes with distinctive character. A celebration of the unique texture of human life, empathising the richness of cities identity.




To highlight their unique heritage and identity, the colour of the rug is inspired by the cities themselves. Like the auspicious red for Shanghai, symbolizing good fortune and joy. The rug dedicated to the coastal city is the expression of the constantly changing urban fabric of Shanghai with the old quarter in contrast to the large scale automobile oriented street grid of the rest of the city.

像现代的马可·波罗(Marco Polo),都市地毯通过欣赏独特设计的视觉深度来发现世界著名都市。纯手工缝制的丝绸和纯天然羊毛的定制设计,给你极度奢华的享受。




urban fabric, luxury grade rugs





这些独特的艺术作品在早期就已经开始引起国际上的响应。在上海工作室开业仅仅一年后Urban Fabric 的发起人Andrei Zerebecky 和 Lukasz Kos就被评为“40位40岁以下的未来设计明星”。当World Interior News 和伦敦萨奇画廊(Saatchi Gallery)将都市地毯列为2013年五大最佳产品时,都市地毯的独特设计立即受到设计收藏领域的关注。同年,World Architecture News 将都市地毯手工制作的羊毛和丝绸作品列为2013年最优秀产品设计,而几年后,AZURE杂志将它们列为“AZ 设计奖”的决赛作品。随着国际认可的不断继续增加,这些奢华的当代地图正以独特的个性装饰着世界各地的豪宅,来庆祝人类的独特纹理和城市的丰富特色。






urban fabric, luxury grade rugs
urban fabric, luxury grade rugs
urban fabric, luxury grade rugs
urban fabric, luxury grade rugs
urban fabric, luxury grade rugs