Loved by gallerists and collectors as well as prominent design brands worldwide, Xavier Lust creates design masterpieces where tension and curves are inspired by nature, using a signature (de)formation process of metal and glass surfaces.


“I see the creation process as an equation between four parameters: functionality, beauty, culture and technology.”

Xavier Lust, photo by Serge Anton


Born in 1969, Xavier Lust was 19 years old when he decided to study interior design. After graduating at Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels, he opened his own studio in Brussels in 1992. Xavier started his career in 2000 working with prominent brands such as MDF Italia before turning his attention to collectable limited edition design pieces and monumental sculpture. The ongoing relationship with MDF Italia was the start of his collaborations with leading international manufacturers such as Driade, De Padova, Cerruti Baleri, Fiam, and Extremis among others.


Today the Xavier Lust design studio is renowned for working in several areas of design, such as furniture and accessories, interior architecture, industrial design and street furniture. At the same time, he continues to create limited editions and one-off pieces of art+design showcased at auction houses. His work is represented by the best international design galleries of the likes of Carpenters Workshop Gallery du Passage in Paris, Nilufar in Milan and Ralph Pucci in the US.


Photo by Alexandre Vanbattel


The creative process of Xavier Lust resembles the one of visionary architect Frank O. Gehry also known for experimenting with shapes and materials and equally appreciated for the sculptural excitement of his projects. For Xavier Lust, most of the reference in his objects comes from Nature and its rules: a passionate micro-molecular biologist (his second career option) Xavier likes to explore the natural transformations of materials, their tension and resistance.


In the preface of the glittery coffee-table book “Xavier Lust – Design Stories” prefaced by Italian curator Maria Cristina Didero, Xavier shares about his inspiration process:


“Well, I guess I can’t really give straight answers to the question. I work anywhere, anytime, all the time. Ideas come as they please, at random without a schedule. One of my favorite processes is to start by cutting a flat surface and then fold it into a volume to generate a piece of furniture.”


Image courtesy of Xavier Lust, FLOW outdoor sofa


Always testing the technical possibilities of the material, he works closely with a metal factory located in Liege, Belgium, where he tests and explores how the curving process could give strength and structure to otherwise delicate surfaces. The signature curves of Xavier objects are made in the most natural and traditional way without using any mold to force materials deformation. Borrowing the words of Maria Cristina Didero, hitting the spot on Xavier signature style:


“For Xavier Lust, dedication to beauty is the answer to eternity and this forever is actually built every day through constant work, research and curiosity”.


Xavier Lust is a 360° designer, using its craft to highlight exclusive residences as well as public spaces. One reference to all is the Le Banc bench, originally made for MDF Italia in 2001 which immediately become an icon of design. A piece that truly represents Xavier Lust signature style in 2006 Le Banc become part of a public project by the City of Brussels asking Xavier to redesign benches for public areas. Xavier designed a perforated anti-graffiti prototype, which ended up being auctioned as a 12-piece limited edition.




With organic shapes, smooth surfaces and metalwork techniques polished to perfection, his design is described as multi-dimensional and sculptural. This is made unique by luxurious finishing. Xavier work has received dozens of awards including the prestigious Compasso d’Oro, the first and most recognized award in industrial design.


“A wonderful aspect of Xavier’s work is the illusion of lightness and motion,” writes the Russian design critic Olga Bozhko.


Xavier is a frequent guest lecturer at major art and design institutions. His work has been included in 50 exhibitions worldwide, including two retrospective of his work in Belgium in 2007 at the MAC / CID (Museum of contemporary art and design at Grand-Hornu) and in 2015 at the Botanique Museum in Brussels. His work is showcased in many permanent collections including the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.


“In his designs, he manages to express what seems impossible. It seems as though his works are not created; they are born.”


广大画廊和收藏家以及大型设计制造商和公共机构的喜爱的Xavier Lust创造了受自然界张力和曲线启发的设计杰作,包括他具有代表性的金属和玻璃变形表面。



Xavier Lust, photo by Bea Uhart

Xavier Lust出生于1969年,19岁时决定学习室内设计。 1992年于布鲁塞尔的Institut Saint-Luc毕业后在布鲁塞尔开办了自己的工作室。Xavier 在2000年开始了他的职业设计生涯与MDF Italia等意大利大型制造商合作,并将注意力转向可收藏的限量版设计作品。与MDF Italia持续合作的关系也是他与Driade,De Padova,Cerruti Baleri,Fiam,Extremis等著名国际制造商合作的开始。 今天Xavier Lust的设计工作室以工业生产的家具和配件,室内建筑,工业设计和街道家具等多个设计领域而闻名。与此同时,他继续创作限量版和一次性的艺术设计和在拍卖会上出售他的设计作品,并与最知名的国际画廊合作,如Carpenters Workshop和巴黎的Galerie du Passage,米兰的Nilufar以及美国的Ralph Pucci。


Photo by Alexandre Vanbattel


Xavier Lust的创作过程类似于以探索形状和材料而闻名的著名建筑师Frank O. Gehry 令人兴奋和欣赏,雕塑般的项目。 而Xavier Lust的参考对象大多数来自于大自然及规则:一位充满激情的微分子生物学家(他的第二职业选择),Xavier喜欢探索材料的自然变化,以及它们的张力和耐立的自然变换。在意大利策展人Maria Cristina Didero撰写,闪闪发光的“Xavier Lust-Design Stories”的序言中Xavier分享了他的创作过程:


 “我想我不能直接回答这个问题。 我所有的时间都在工作,因为我的创意和灵感可以是随时随地,随心所欲,随意和没有时间限制的。 我最喜欢的创作方法之一是通过切割一个平坦的表面开始,然后将其折叠成一件家具的形状”。


Image courtesy of Xavier Lust, FLOW outdoor sofa

Xavier总在不断测试材料的技术可能性,他与位于比利时的金属工厂密切合作测试和研究金属弯曲过程以及如何为其脆弱的表面提供强度和结构。 Xavier作品的代表性曲线采用最自然和传统的方式制作,无需使用任何模具来缓解材料的变形。 借用Maria Cristina Didero的话来概括Xavier的设计风格:


 “对于Xavier Lust来说,对美的奉献是永恒的答案,而这是充满好奇心的Xavier 每天不断的研究和工作而建立起来的“。


Xavier Lust是一位全方位的设计师,利用自己的技艺彰显专属居住空间和公共空间。 Le Banc工作台是2001年他为为意大利MDF Italia设计的经典之作。 另一个代表Xavier Lust风格的作品是2006年Le Banc成为布鲁塞尔市公共项目的一部分,Xavier被要求重新设计公共区域的长椅。 Xavier设计了一个穿孔的防涂鸦原型,最终以12件限量版拍卖。




有机的形状,光滑的表面和完美的技术,他的设计被描述为独一无二,二维和豪华的雕塑家具。 Xavier的设计获得了数十个奖项,其中包括他第一个也是最具权威性的工业设计界的Compasso d’Oro奖。俄罗斯评论家Olga Bozhko写道:“Xavier作品的精彩之处在于给你轻松和动感的幻觉”。“他的设计表达了似乎是不可能的东西,似乎他的作品不是被设计制作出来,而是与生具来的的。”作为客座讲师的Xavier常常川梭于各大主要艺术设计院校和设计机构,他的作品被纳入全球50个展览,其中包括2007年比利时MAC(Musee des Artes Contemporains)的作品回顾展。 他的作品被许多博物馆永久收藏,包括阿姆斯特丹的Stedelijk Museum和巴黎的Musee des Arts Decoratifs。


Photo by Serge Anton, Archiduchaise chair and stool

Photo by Serge Leblon, Meuble Dappui

Image courtesy of Xavier Lust, Floral Stool

Photo by Xavier Defaix, S-Table Bronze

Photo by Xavier Defaix, Graph desk with 24K gold foil


Images courtesy of Xavier Lust © All rights reserved

Photos by Serge Anton, Xavier Defaix, Bea Uhart, Serge Leblon, Alexandre Vanbattel