Toni Grilo is a Franco-Portuguese storyteller, art director and internationally acclaimed designer. Drawing dialogues between the craftsmen, the materials, objects and brands:


“The Object Is The Result Of The Dialogue Between The Artisan And The Designer”

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Born in France in 1979, designer Toni Grilo was early influenced by the classical Baroque-Rococò architectures of his hometown Nancy and by the wide skies of Castelnaudary, where he was raised. As a designer and creative director with a Franco-Portuguese heritage, so much of this blend of cultures can be seen in his fruitful creations.


A graduate of the prestigious Ecole Boulle in Paris in 2001, Toni Grilo immediately left for Lisbon to reconnect with his roots. At the edge of the European Peninsula, he re-discovered a country rich in industrial and artisanal heritage and with centuries of know-how in traditional craftsmanship techniques.


After years of travelling and various artistic collaborations, he decided to settle in Portugal. In 2005 he founded his first design agency “Objection” with the designer Elder Monteiro, specialised in set design. In 2008 Toni Grilo Design Studio opened in Porto he could already count in his portfolio numerous projects in industrial design, furniture and scenography for major luxury brands worldwide.

Video courtesy of Art on Chairs, CM Cadeiras and the Aura Chair designed by Toni Grilo 


Toni Grilo is a designer who grown up dreaming big and shaping the surrounding reality thought his vision. “When I was eight, I began painting things at one and half metres high,” he recalled. Toni Grilo was also a precocious designer when at the age of 14 he moved to Toulouse, France.


There, I discovered the word Design. I was fascinated by functionality, but above all by technique.”


When the young student of École Boulle in Paris joined the studio of Marco Sousa Santos in Lisbon, Grilo’s love for Portugal was already blooming. From Marco Sousa Santos, known as one of the main contributor to the new “vision” on Design Culture in Portugal, Grilo started to grow his passion in experimenting with materials. In 2005, during the Experimenta Design biennial exhibition in Lisbon, Toni Grilo held his first design show “Dysfunction”  focusing on tableware.  


Everything fell into place when Brigitte Fitoussi, artistic director of the renewed fine silver flatware manufacturer Christofle, saw Grilo’s exhibition. This destiny encounter got him the chance to design a cutlery collection for the luxury brand. It became immediately an international success and the founding stone for Grilo’s reputation as a trustworthy artistic director for luxury design.

toni grilo

Image courtesy of Toni Grilo, Line Chair and Stool for Riluc


Toni Grilo is a storyteller with a golden touch for design manufacturers. He is able to grasp the identity of the brand looking at its heritage and know-how and take the best out of it.

A designer and artist, he has the sense of history for materials, a team player who understand the challenges of the industry and appreciate the collective knowledge behind any successful iconic piece. Toni Grilo always starts with a profound understanding of each brand DNA and historical heritage. Riluc, Haymann Editions, Black Cork and Topazio are just some of the design manufacturers the he helped reinventing.


To celebrate Topazio’s 140 years in gold-smithery for example, Grilo invited 14 Portuguese artists to reinterpret the company most emblematic piece, the Manueline-style D. João V vase. The result was a statement of respect to the brand identity together with a strong vision to the changing market. “An exercise in style that was not easy because one must not break with the history of the brand, and still win new customers,” says Grilo. As Topazio Creative Director, he also contributed with a fresh collection of iconic pieces like the Rococò resembling All Style Vase, or the collection of gold and silver bowls Essential.



His passion for yielding the hidden features of natural materials such as marble, porcelain, wood, steel and cork brought him the opportunity to work for some of the best luxury brands in Europe such as Munna, Roche-Bobois, Christofle, Art-on-Chairs, Tools Galerie and Corque. He also developed memorable award-winning collections such as the Dartagnan chair for the Paris-based modern luxury furniture and lighting brand Haymann, winner of the 2013 Artravel Awards for the chair.  

Toni Grilo 是法裔葡萄牙人,艺术总监和国际知名设计师。擅长于工艺师与材料、物体和品牌之间的对话:



Image courtesy of Toni Grilo 



1979年出生于法国的设计师Toni Grilo在他的家乡Nancy和他成长的Castelnaudary广阔天空中的古典建筑对他早期产生了巨大的影响。


作为一名设计师兼创意总监,他拥有着法国葡萄牙人的灵魂,在他富有成果的职业生涯中,可以看到如此多的文化融合。 2001年,Grilo毕业于巴黎著名的Ecole Boulle,毕业后他就去了里斯本,回到了自己的文化根源。在欧洲半岛边缘的葡萄牙,他重新发现了拥有几个世纪的丰富工业技艺和手工艺遗产。


经过多年的旅行和各种艺术合作后,他决定在葡萄牙定居。2005年,他与设计师Elder Monteiro建立了第一个“Objection”,专门从事场景设计。 2008年,当Toni Grilo 设计工作室在 Porto 开业时,他已经拥有许多项目,包括工业设计、家具和全球主要奢侈品牌的场景。

Video courtesy of Art on Chairs, CM Cadeiras and the Aura Chair designed by Toni Grilo 



Toni Grilo也是一位早熟的设计师,14岁时,他搬到了法国Toulouse在那里,我发现了“设计”这个词。我着迷于功能,但最重要的是技术


当这位年轻的巴黎大学生加入Lisbon 的Marco Sousa Santos工作室时,Grilo对实验材料的热忠和对葡萄牙的爱已经开始绽放。自从加入了被称为葡萄牙设计新文化“远景”主要贡献者之一的arco Sousa SantosGrilo开始发展他对用材料做实验的热情。2005年,在里斯本进行的实验设计双年展上,Toni Grilo举办了他的第一个名为为“功能障碍”的设计秀,专注于餐具设计。非常幸运的是Brigitte Fitoussi,银具制造商Christofle的艺术总监看到了Grilo实验设计双年展的设计作品。这次幸运的相遇让Grilo有机会为这个奢侈品牌设计一款餐具,这立即获得了国际上的成功,也为Grilo做为一名值得信赖的奢侈品设计艺术总监垫下了重要的基石。

toni grilo

Image courtesy of Toni Grilo, Line Chair and Stool for Riluc




作为一名了解设计材料历史的设计师和艺术家,他充分理解行业的挑战,并欣赏任何成功作品背后的团队精神和集体知识,Toni Grilo总是尝试从对每个品牌的DNA和历史遗产的深刻理解开始。Riluc,Haymann Editions,BlackCork Topazio只是其中几个他帮助重塑和改造的制造商。

为庆祝Topazio过去的黄金140年,Grilo 邀请了14位葡萄牙艺术家来重新诠释该公司最具象征意义的作品, manueline – style d . Joao V花瓶。

其结果是对品牌历史的尊重,以及对不断变化的市场的强烈远景表现。Grilo说:“这种风格的重新诠释并不容易,因为它不能打破品牌的过去,而且还必须能够赢得新的顾客。”作为Topazio的创意总监,他还设计了一系列标志性的作品,如Rococo类似风格的花瓶和金银的碗的 Essential系列等





他对大理石、瓷器、木材、钢铁、软木等等材料特性的热爱,使他有机会在欧洲与一些顶级奢侈品牌合作,比如Munna, Roche-Bobois, Christofle, Art-on-Chairs, Tools Galerie 和Corque



Image courtesy of Toni Grilo, All Styles Vase for Topazio, Fenda Round Table for Riluc and Become Me Chair for Munna

toni grilo

Image courtesy of Haymann Editions, Dartagnan armchair

toni grilo

Image courtesy of Toni Grilo, Bibendum Chair for Riluc


Images courtesy of Toni Grilo, Haymann Editions and Riluc @ All rights reserved