A new era begins for Waldorf Astoria New York. China’s Anbang Insurance Group closes the legendary New York hotel for major renovations. Imagine this: you step into the marbled-lobby entrance of West Lounge, formerly known as Peacock Alley, with its eye-catching 13 murals and a 148,000 intricate floor mosaic designed by French artist Louis Rigal. Then, slowly make your way up to the grandeur and flair of the grand ballroom on the third floor, where you shimmy with the likes of romantic singer Frank Sinatra and regal royalty Princess Grace. As you turn out into the hallway, the glistering chandeliers adorn the walkways, spotlighting Waldorf Astoria’s 86-year-old building’s original art deco design in all its glistening glory.

Article by Choi Wei

It’s truthfully breathtaking, and if the chandeliers could talk, they would speak highly of the wonderful parties attended by royalties, dignitaries and celebrities; and emulate the gasps and awes of New Yorkers, guests and out-of-towners who’ve visited the hotel.


Fast-forward today, the Waldorf’s tired interiors have shown its age: tired wall facades, worn carpets and dented furniture sprawled around the 47-floor hotel. But that’s all about to change when the iconic New York landmark was acquired by the Chinese insurer Anbang Insurance Group Co. Ltd for about US$1.95 billion.

waldorf astoria, new york

And so it begins a new chapter for the property: the new owner has employed architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP -responsible for One World Trade Center and the Burj Khalifa, among other iconic buildings – and interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, who masterminded the remodels of both London’s Savoy and Paris’s Four Seasons George V hotels, to work on the Art Deco building together with Hilton Worldwide Holdings, the hotel’s operator.


Besides the preservation and restoration of the hotel’s interiors, a peek at its rendering artworks show gilt and larger windows that allow natural light to fall in, to updating maple wood panels on the main lobby wall, marbled sculptures greeting guests and expanding the bronze hallways to allow visitors and guests enter the hotel, and flow out onto Lexington Avenue, just steps away from Fifth Avenue Shopping and more.

waldorf astoria, new york

“Our design for the Waldorf Astoria New York reclaims the full potential of one of New York City’s most legendary buildings and opens a new chapter in the hotel’s celebrated history,” Roger Duffy a design partner at SOM, said in a statement.


“The Waldorf Astoria has been an audacious civic icon since it first opened in 1931, and we are honored to be leading the effort to restore this Art Deco masterpiece, while turning it into a world-class destination for the 21st century.”


So while the hotel shutters its operations this year to make way for the three-year renovations, loyal guests and visitors are holding their bated breath to the new revealing, including new residence units, while still maintaining the hotel on lower floors. There is a new change of wind, but both the new owners and architect firm of the Art Deco building are convinced they will successfully execute a modern Art Deco style in the 21st century, for cherished fans.

尔道夫酒店新时代即将开始。中国安邦保险集团关闭了传奇的纽约华尔道夫酒店进行为期3年的重大翻新。请想象这样的情景:当你走进西厅(West Lounge)的大理石厅入口,原名为Peacock Alley,13幅壁画和由法国艺术家Louis Rigal设计错综复杂的148,000片马赛克地板将吸引你的目光。慢慢地你走到三楼富丽堂皇的宴会厅,在那里,你可以回顾曾经浪漫的歌手Frank Sinatra和皇室公主regal royalty Princess Grace这样的历史人物。当你走进充满闪闪发光吊灯装饰的走廊,华尔道夫酒店(Waldorf Astoria)86年历史的建筑艺术装饰设计光彩完美的呈现出来。

December 2017 / Article by Choi Wei / Translation by Amber Durrant Feng Yulin

时到今日,华尔道夫酒店疲惫不堪的内部装饰已经显示出了它的年代: 疲惫的墙面,破旧的地毯和过时的的家具遍布这间47层的酒店。但这一切都将要改变,因为中国安邦保险集团(Anbang Insurance Group Co. Ltd .)收购了这间价值约19.5亿美元的纽约地标建筑。

waldorf astoria, new york

尔道夫酒店即将迎来它新的时代。中国安邦指定了曾经负责设计 One World Trade Center 和 Burj Khalifa塔等其他世界标志性建筑的设计所Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP以及负责装修策划伦敦Savoy和巴黎Four Seasons George V四季酒店的室内设计师Pierre-Yves Rochon与酒店经营者希尔顿控股共同负责这项装饰派艺术风格建筑的翻新。除了酒店内部的保护和恢复, 镀金的具大的窗户,让自然光线流泄入大堂内部, 使其呈现的艺术品和展示更新后的枫木地板,大理石雕塑向客人问候。 延伸的青铜走廊让游客和客人能自由顺畅的从只有数步之遥的Lexington大道及 Fifth Avenue 第五购物大道进入酒店。


SOM的设计合伙人Roger Duffy在声明中说 “我们为纽约华尔道夫酒店(Waldorf Astoria New York)的设计,将重新发掘纽约最具传奇色彩建筑的全部潜力,并为酒店著名的历史掀开新的一页。”

waldorf astoria, new york

华尔道夫酒店(Waldorf Astoria)1931年开业以来一直是纽约城市前卫的象征,我们非常荣幸能够有机会参与恢复这一装饰派艺术风格建筑杰作,同时把它变成21世纪的世界级旅游目的地。”



此,尽管酒店今年为进行为期三年的翻新崭时停止运作,但忠诚的客人们正屏息以待这一装饰派艺术风格建筑杰作重现风彩。翻新后的酒店在保留较低楼层的酒店以外还 将包括新建的住宅单元。尽管它将有一些变化,但中国安邦及设计公司确信他们将为珍爱这座现代艺术装饰风格建筑的粉丝们成功地保留和翻新,并让它重现风彩。

waldorf astoria, new york
waldorf astoria, new york
waldorf astoria, new york